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Melinda Kotzian
Chief Executive Officer
(703) 879-3825

Melinda Kotzian came to the Meso Foundation with a wide range of experience in the foundation world. She has a wide range of job duties including managing the day to day functions of the Meso Foundation, planning the symposium, organizing all human resources and insurance needs, and working with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. In her role as Chief Executive Officer, Melinda is a member of the Grants Management Network and continues to volunteer for non-profits to help them write grants.

Prior to coming to the Foundation, she worked for the Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation, a small family foundation in the Washington, DC area which works on issues of social justice and helping those in need. While there, she reviewed grants, made site visits, wrote grant dockets, and presented all pertinent information to the board of directors for final review and selection of each grant recipient. Each year she awarded between four to five million in grants.

Before her career move into philanthropy, she managed a gym and worked at a university recruiting medical students. Melinda has her BA in Communications from Waldorf College.

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