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As the Foundation calls out for 2010 mesothelioma research grant applications, we are pleased to announce our most recent $100,000 named grant gift.  Beth Ann Miller’s estate, directed by Beth Ann and her husband Charles, has generously donated a portion of her estate to further the Foundation’s mission of funding groundbreaking research.

Beth Ann was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in August 2005, after suffering for two years with chronic coughing and fatigue.  Shortly thereafter her family contacted the Foundation to learn more about possible treatment options.  Bravely, her husband, Charles, attended that year’s Symposium in Las Vegas.  There he met with clinicians, researchers and other families that have been affected by mesothelioma.  Armed with critical new insight and information he returned home to share all that he could with his partner of ten years.
Being an on-call nurse at the local cancer center, Beth Ann understood the importance of clinical research.  Because of her state of health, she opted to try a new and innovative drug combination – Alimta and Cisplatin.  Sadly, Beth Ann lost her battle to mesothelioma in November 2005.  All those who she held most dear to her heart surrounded her in her final days, including her two children and husband.

Between the time of her diagnosis and her passing, Beth Ann and Charles hired a law firm to represent them against the asbestos manufacturer responsible for Beth Ann’s illness.  Courageously, Beth Ann insisted that a percentage of the proceeds from any settlement should go directly towards mesothelioma research. 

Though it has taken almost five years, Charles has followed through on Beth Ann’s wish.  In her honor, he has named this grant the Beth Ann Miller Memorial Research Grant.  “She was the driving force behind this grant. 

Beth Ann was devastated at the lack of treatment options that were presented to her.  Whether she was volunteering for our church or participating in 5K charity walks through her work, Beth Ann believed in giving back. 

This grant is a testament to the compassionate and loving spirit Beth Ann was,” explains Charles.

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