Mesothelioma Support Groups


The mesothelioma experience is often daunting and isolating. In order to help patients, caregivers and family members cope, the Meso Foundation offers several mesothelioma support groups. You can join our telephonic groups (schedule listed below) which meet every two weeks, or you can receive mesothelioma support through our Facebook groups on your own time, at all times of day or night. Because we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously, call-in numbers and invitations to the Facebook groups will only be sent to you after you register with us.

To register and join a group, please contact Dana Purcell at or by phone at (877) 363-6376. In your email, please let Dana know your connection to the disease and the mesothelioma support group you wish to be a part of.

Our available Facebook groups are:
  • The Mesothelioma Survivors and Caregivers (private, by invitation only)
  • Mesothelioma Caregiver Conversations (private, by invitation only)
  • Mesothelioma Loss Support (private, by invitation only)
  • Cure Mesothelioma (public, click on link to join)

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