Named Research Grants

The Meso Foundation’s rigorously competitive grant awards ($100,000 each) support the research critically needed to find a cure for mesothelioma. This research, when published in medical journals or presented at medical meetings, becomes part of the permanent scientific knowledge base, deepens the scientific community’s understanding of the disease and its potential targets of treatment, and provides essential links in the chain leading ultimately to a cure.

The following grants have been named by the families of the individuals honored, who through personal donations and fundraising entirely funded a $100,000 research grant.

Alvin Rehbeck Memorial Grant
Christopher Stoeckler Memorial Grant
Jeffrey P. Hayes Memorial Grant
Craig Kozicki Memorial Grant
Lance S. Ruble Memorial Grant
Ken Bendix Memorial Grant
John Sterling Memorial Grant
Franz Losch Memorial Grant
Lance S. Ruble/Ferraro Law Firm Grant
Beth Ann Miller Memorial Grant
Ron Simkins Memorial Grant

For questions on how to fund and name a grant, please contact Melinda Kotzian at (703) 879-3825 or email

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