Legacy Society

Many of our supporters name the Meso Foundation as a beneficiary in their wills in order to make a lasting impact. A bequest is a written statement in your will that specific assets, a set dollar amount, or a percentage of the whole estate’s value will be given to the Foundation. The following individuals have designated the Meso Foundation as a beneficiary in their will.

In order to keep this list complete, please notify us if you have amended your will.

Martin Auslander
Arlene Baker
Beate Barrett
Carol Derrer
Phyllis Feinberg
Michael Gubernik
Shelly Kozicki
Pamela Laws
Christina Marlowe
Hanne Mintz
Marina Mintz
Becky Ring
Joseph Sawaya
Kirsten Silva
Lorraine Tausz
Jack Wernet
Wendy Stoeckler

For more information about planned giving, please contact Melinda Kotzian at (703) 879-3825 or email mkotzian@curemeso.org.

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