Meeting with your Government Officials

Meeting with your House Representative and Senators or their staff is a great way to educate government about mesothelioma and provides access to the legislative decision making processes.  By establishing this relationship, we can work towards banning asbestos and obtaining federal funds for mesothelioma research.

Before your appointment with your lawmakers, please take the time to read our Advocacy 101 Information as well as the links below to our meso and asbestos fact-sheets, local asbestos and meso data, and examples of news articles in your area before your meeting. These tools will help you become a better advocate.

Upon returning from meeting with your officials it is important to continue the momentum of your advocacy.  The final two links provide tips for writing thank you letters as well as information about contacting your local media to get the word out. 

Click the following for:

Talking Points 

Promising Research for Mesothelioma

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program

CDMRP Mesothelioma Awards

Advocacy 101 Information

Local Meso and Asbestos Data (By State)

Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Mesothelioma Fact Sheet

Asbestos Fact Sheet

Thank You Letter Tips

Information for Contacting your Local News Outlet


For more information on asbestos in general, please visit Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization and Environmental Working Group websites!

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