Mesothelioma Survivor Stories

We know there is no cure for mesothelioma. The hardest blow from a mesothelioma diagnosis is the almost universal pessimism about the chances of survival.

In addition to the already overwhelming diagnosis, mesothelioma patients and their loved ones are confronted with a seemingly endless list of negative reports and prognoses from articles, news reports, the world wide web, insurance providers and even from their family physicians and oncologists. Such pessimism is pervasive and largely based on a history of failure and nihilism in treating the disease, a history which is finally, slowly, being changed by exciting developments in research.

Below is a collection of real meso survivor stories. These are men and women who share their struggles not to impress you with their courage, luck, or fortitude, but to offer their message of hope that effective treatments are finally at hand.

If you find yourself on the doorstep of an uncertain future with a deadly cancer, cloaked in decades of misinformation, bad news and fear, it’s time to find solace and comfort in the mesothelioma survivor stories below.

Your future is one of hope. The war against mesothelioma is a tough one, but we’re constantly gaining ground and victory is on the horizon. Don’t give up.

Bonnie Anderson Jodi Page

Kendra Ferreira

Bruce Jackson
Marlyn Landin

Believe in a Cure!

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