Help Us Generate Media Attention by Contacting Your Local News Outlet

The Meso Foundation holds the International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma each year, which helps to empower the Meso Community to help us in our mission.  We've designed our Press Kit to help us continue builiding the momentum throughout the year by contacting the media on a regular basis to raise mesothelioma awareness.  The following can help you get started!

Please customize and personalize this Letter Template and send it to the community, political or health editor of your local newspaper, TV station or radio station, and direct them to our webpage for additional information or to download the Press Kit documents listed below. You should also call to follow up.

This website will give you a list of your local media outlets once you enter your zip code and is a great advocacy and mesothelioma awareness tool.


1.      Mesothelioma Facts

2.      Asbestos in the Nation

3.      State Specific Information



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