Raising Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness

The economic, legal and political aspects of asbestos receive great national attention. At least 60 major companies formerly involved with asbestos have declared bankruptcy, with rippling economic consequences. Asbestos liability has been among the largest of all litigation areas, and billions of dollars have changed hands. Congress has focused for more than six years on exempting defendant companies from further liability and financially “compensating” the individuals and families afflicted with mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases. Major sectors of our society, including the largest Fortune 500 corporations in America, insurance companies, unions, veterans groups, consumer groups, and trial lawyers have spent millions lobbying for or against this legislation.

But in all this, the Meso Foundation is the only organization calling on the federal government to focus on the most fundamental aspect of the problem, curing the mesothelioma. We believe the human tragedy of meso is more significant than any of its legal, political or economic aspects, and must be addressed most urgently.

The Foundation is uniting the mesothelioma community into a force for advocacy, raising awareness of the need for research to develop effective mesothelioma treatments, and calling on the federal government to partner in this urgent effort.

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