Helping Meso Foundation Fund Critical Research

With a gift to the Meso Foundation you will make a real difference in helping us fund critical research, advocate in Washington, D.C. for greater federal funding, and educate patients, families and doctors on current treatment options.

You may specify a loved one in whose memory the contribution is made. Gifts made in memory are acknowledged on the Tribute Wall, and contributions over $100 are acknowledged in our Annual Report. In appropriate circumstances, the Foundation also accepts donor-advised contributions. Click here for details.

Or, mail a check or U.S. money order payable to the "Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation" and mail to

Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation
1317 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

The Meso Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Tax ID and Employer Identification Number is 75-2816066. Donations are deductible for Federal income tax purposes. To see how your gift will be used to help eradicate mesothelioma, click here for our most recent annual report.

To obtain our most current Form 990, please click here.


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For additional information or questions, or to take advantage of any of these opportunities to support the Meso Foundation, please contact Melinda Kotzian, Chief Operating Officer at (703) 879-3825 or send an email to

Meso Foundation Store Matching Gifts
Grant Naming Opportunities Employee Giving
Champions of a Cure Car Donation 
Pledge from Litigation Corporate Sponsorships
Planned Giving Volunteer Fundraising
Monthly Giving

Grant Naming

The Meso Foundation’s rigorously competitive grant awards ($100,000 each) support the research critically needed to find a cure for mesothelioma. This research, when published in medical journals or presented at medical meetings, becomes part of the permanent scientific knowledge base, deepens the scientific community’s understanding of the disease and its potential targets of treatment, and provides essential links in the chain leading ultimately to a cure. By funding all or a significant part of one of these grants, you can support this research and associate yourself or a loved one with it for scientific posterity through the Foundation’s grant naming opportunities.         

Champions for a Cure

Individuals who donate and/or raise $50,000 or more (whether through one gift/event or cumulatively) will be inducted as “Champions of a Cure” and receive special recognition and invitation to special events.

Pledge from Litigation

Mesothelioma litigation involves billions of dollars. You can help allocate some of these resources toward the research needed to find a cure. At the time you retain an attorney, you can pledge a small percentage, perhaps 5%, of your total recovery to the Meso Foundation. Your attorney may agree to match your pledge, and may also agree to deduct the pledge before attorneys’ fees are calculated. At the time of verdict or settlement, you can also designate a percentage of your recovery to the Foundation. A number of Foundation supporters who have done this have also persuaded their attorney, and even the defendant, to match their gift.

Planned Giving

With a planned gift to the Foundation you can create a powerful legacy, advancing the Foundation’s work while furthering your financial goals. Through our Legacy of Hope Society we will honor and thank supporters who include the Meso Foundation in their wills, trusts, or other planned giving. Legacy of Hope Society members will receive special recognition and invitation to special events. Please notify us when you arrange a bequest or other planned gift to the Meso Foundation, or if you have already done so, so that we can induct you as a member to honor your vision and dedication to finding a cure.

You should consult with your tax advisor, financial advisor, or estate planning attorney for additional information to determine whether one or more of these types of gifts may be suitable to your situation.

Planned Giving options include:

  • Bequest
    Many of our supporters name the Meso Foundation as a beneficiary in their wills in order to make a lasting impact. A bequest is a written statement in your will that specific assets, a set dollar amount, or a percentage of the whole estate’s value will be given to the Foundation. By creating or amending your will to name the Meso Foundation you get the satisfaction of knowing you will significantly benefit the Foundation’s work, and you can continue to use and enjoy your assets during your lifetime.
  • Life Insurance Gift
    You can choose to name the Foundation as a beneficiary to receive all or a portion of your life insurance policy proceeds. If you name the Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of the policy during your lifetime, you may be entitled to a charitable income tax deduction equal to the current value of the policy at the time of the gift, as well as a charitable income tax deduction for any future premiums you pay on the policy.
  • Stock Gift
    You can choose to donate appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) to the Foundation. In most cases this donation will entitle you to a deduction for the full value of the security, avoiding capital gains taxes on the appreciation. Click here for more details about giving stock. 
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
    You may establish and transfer cash or other property to a charitable remainder trust. A charitable remainder trust pays a fixed amount or percentage from the trust each year to you or another individual as income for life or for a term of years. Upon the death of the life beneficiary or expiration of the term of years, the remaining trust assets would be distributed to the Foundation as provided under the trust agreement. A charitable remainder trust offers you and your heirs significant financial advantages, including a tax deduction when you establish the trust, ability to convert appreciated assets into higher-income producing assets without capital gains tax, and federal estate tax savings.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
    If you are over age 70 1/2, you may cause a portion of your IRA (up to a maximum of $100,000) to be paid directly to the Foundation in 2009 without incurring federal income tax on the IRA distribution. You may also designate the Foundation as the beneficiary to receive all or a portion of your IRA upon your death.

Monthly Giving

You can consistently and conveniently support the Foundation’s work through our Sustainer Program, by designating a monthly gift made automatically through your credit card. Set up quickly once, the monthly gift is then hassle-free and can fit easily into your regular budget, while over time it provides the Foundation a stable, reliable and significant source of funding upon which to plan and expand our programs. You can increase, decrease or suspend your monthly gift at any time.

Matching Gifts

Matching gift programs are a great way to get your employer involved with the work of the Foundation. Many companies will match your contribution dollar for dollar and some will double, even triple, your donation. If you have questions about your company's matching gift program, please contact your human resources office.

Once you have determined that your company matches donations made to the Meso Foundation, obtain the appropriate form from your human resources office, complete the entire donor portion of the form, and send it with your gift (or a copy of your gift receipt if you donated on-line) to the Meso Foundation.

Employee Giving

Many workplaces offer the opportunity to make a donation to a charity pre-tax. This can be done through the simple process of a payroll deduction or by specifying the Meso Foundation at your company's Combined Federal Campaign or United Way campaign. The Meso Foundation's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) number is 11856. 

Corporate Sponsorship

The Foundation is proud to work with its generous corporate sponsors. Let us propose a partnership with your company either by annual agreement or for a specific special event.

Volunteer Fundraising

In addition to direct giving, fundraising events are a great way to financially support the search for a cure. And they have the added benefit of raising awareness in your community. A simple one-hour “mixer” with light fare and a short presentation is one of the most powerful methods of fundraising. Other favorites among meso community volunteers include events like golf tournaments, dances, auctions, bowlathons, run/walks, and movie screenings. We will help you brainstorm and plan your own fundraising event and inform you about in-kind gifts and tax-deductions for your donors.

For additional information or questions, or to take advantage of any of these opportunities to support the Meso Foundation, please contact Melinda Kotzian at (703) 879.3825 or send an email to