Enterprise API

Designed to foster innovation and drive the exchange of data, Sphere’s Enterprise API (Application Protocol Interface) is a robust interface that showcases an astounding amount of depth, breadth and usability.

The accessibility of data within an application is determined, in part, by the API language in which it is written. Sphere’s Enterprise API is based on the common API language, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Its depth enables users to complete tasks ranging from the simplest of data transfers to large scale exchanges of structured data between applications, and its breadth allows easy access to data in their system.

When compared to the more basic REST API, the usability of Sphere’s Enterprise API goes far beyond that of its counterpart. It’s capabilities include the following:

  • Support of embedded SQL queries
  • Retrieval of multiple records
  • Retrieval of multiple records since a given date and filtering

Additionally, the Enterprise API can be accessed from virtually any modern programming environment or integration tool. The following is a sampling of programming languages that can be used to write Web applications that will call Connect’s Enterprise API: ActionScript, Cold Fusion. Common Lisp, cUrl, Delphi, Java, .NET, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, PHP5, Python, REALbasic and Ruby to name a few.



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