Billet Host Application

All billet program host applicants must fill out this form and obtain a criminal record check for all individuals residing in the home over the age of 19 years.

The information you provide on the attached forms will enable us to assess your suitability for our Billet program. This application will be regarded as confidential and will be used for the above stated purposed. In this process, to best match players with families, some information may be disclosed to relevant third parties, including players and their families and/or agents.

* required information
Whitecaps FC Billet Host Application 
Address Information
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Postal Code:*
Primary Email:*
Mailing Address(if different from above):
Last Name:*
First Name:*
Birth Date:*(mm/dd/yyyy)
Cell Phone:
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Relationship to Primary Applicant:
Please describe your work schedule(2):
Please list all other residents of the home(full time or part time) and their ages:
Languages spoken in home:*
Activites your family enjoys together:*
Activites you would like to include player in:*
Do you have affiliations with any Churches in your area?(Optional):
If yes, which Church?(Optional):
Do you have pets? If so, what kind?:*
Does anyone in your family smoke?:* Yes
Do you allow smoking in your home?:* Yes
What are your typical family vacation times? Check all that apply:*
If other, please describe:
Home type:*
How many bedrooms are available for players?:*
No.of levels:*
Approx Square Feet:*
Age of Home:*
Internet hook-up available:* Yes
If yes, is wireless available: Yes
Tv in room:* Yes
If no, access to TV?: Yes
Description of rooms:*
Room furniture: Desk
Have you hosted students/players before?:* Yes
If yes, which agencies have you been involved with?:
Are you currently hosting other students?:*
Why do you want to host a Whitecaps player?:*
Where did you hear about the billet program?:
Are you willing to host a player that is graduated from High School?:* Yes
Kitchen/Stove access (please check all that apply)::* Separate kitchen (in addition to family kitchen)
Stove use when host family is home
Stove use when host family not home
Stove use determined based on player
Laundry access(please select all that apply):* I prefer to do all the laundry
Players do own laundry when it suits them
Players do own laundry on schedule
Determined when player arrives
Would you be comfortable having player’s invite friends over to your home (with your approval):* Yes
Not sure
Are there any other specific household rules that must be followed?:
What sort of foods do you cook?:*
Please indicate if you could accomodate players with the following dietary restrictions:* Vegetarian
Gluten Free
No Chicken
No Seafood
No Beef
No Pork
No Dairy
Nut Allergy
Additional comments:
Billet host disclaimer:* I have read and understand the billet information and requirements on the WFC Billet Program webpage. I agree that all information provided was accurate to the best of my knowledge.