Mobility Van Funding

There are many programs available that may help fund your Mobility Equipment or Van Conversion. Below is a partial list of programs and agencies that you may find helpful.

  • Independent Living Centers - In certain instances, grant money may be available for Adaptive Equipment.
  • Insurance Companies - In most cases, Health Insurance will NOT pay for Adaptive Equipment. However, there may be cases where a Worker's Compensation claim may fund Adaptive Equipment purchases.
  • Knights of Columbus - Occasionally, some branches may have funds available to assist with Adaptive Equipment.
  • Medicaid - After you are placed on a Medicaid Waiver list, Medicaid may pay for Adaptive Equipment. Each state administers this program differently.
  • Manufacturers Rebates - Occasionally vehicle manufacturers will offer new vehicle rebates
  • Mobility Rebates - The following are Mobility Assistance Programs offered by various vehicle manufacturers. Not all vehicles can be modified and some are manufactured especially for conversions at the factory. It is critical that you verify whether your vehicle can be modified prior to purchasing.
    • Acura Client Mobility Assistance Program - (800) 382-2238
    • Chrysler Auto Mobility Program Headquarters - (800) 255-9877
    • Ford Mobility Motoring Program - (800) 952-2248
    • GM Mobility Program - US: (800) 323-9935 - Canada: (800) 463-7483
    • Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program - (800) 999-1009
    • Lexus Customer Satisfaction - (800) 255-3987
    • Toyota Mobility Assistance Center - (800) 331-4331
    • Volkswagen Mobility Access - (800) DRIVEVW
  • Vocational Rehabilitation - Each state has a Vocational Rehabilitation Division. This is an excellent program that may help fund your Adaptive Equipment or Van Conversion in order to insure that you have transportation to school or work.

The following are state specific resources:

  • KY Assistance Technology Loan Program - The Kentucky Assistance Technology Loan Corporation (KATLC) offers low interest loans through its lending partner, Fifth Third Bank, for qualified applicants who need any type of equipment or home modification that will increase a person's mobility or enable them to become more independent.
  •  Attain- Attain provides direct service programs and creates structural change in the public and private sectors to promote the availability and use of Assistive Technology. This is achieved through consumer driven programs that promote community-based services. Attain is the only statewide technology program in Indiana that serves people of all ages and all disabilities.

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