Student Aid

Financial support is a key component of the University’s dedication to diversity and impartial inquiry. By admitting students on the sole basis of scholarly achievement and promise, Chicago promotes an intellectual environment in which ideas are advanced on the sole basis of their power. It is also an environment in which students learn from each other as well as from their teachers and graduate to lead thoughtful and intellectually rewarding lives.

Nearly half of Chicago undergraduates receive some form of aid. Although undergraduate tuition and fees surpass those of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford, Chicago’s student-aid endowment is far lower in comparison. This forces the University to cover more student-aid costs with annual operating revenues. Because a higher percentage of Chicago undergraduates require financial aid than those of our peers, it costs the University more to provide financial aid to students, and our students, on average, graduate with more debt. Despite these budgetary pressures, the University remains committed to providing access to a Chicago education and seeks the support of alumni and friends to help alleviate the financial burden.

Many Chicago graduate students also depend on fellowships. Without adequate financial support, they can incur as much as six times the education debt of undergraduates. To continue its tradition of excellence in graduate education, the University must offer competitive financial support to advanced-degree students. Such support is costly, but the outcome is tremendous: graduate fellowships are an investment in promising scholars whose ideas will shape the future.

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