Developed by the Children’s Tumor Foundation, the Racing4Research (R4R) program utilizes competitive, professional auto racing as a vehicle to increase awareness of neurofibromatosis and raise funds for research through corporate sponsorship, personal donations, and individual fundraising by NF Heroes: children and adults from around the country who live with neurofibromatosis.  NF affects one in every 3,000 children, more than cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease combined, and can lead to a wide variety of complications, including blindness, bone abnormalities, cancer, deafness, disfigurement, learning disabilities and excruciating and disabling pain.  The Racing4Research program offers children and families living with the disorder a uniquely empowering weekend, and has raised over $1.5 million dollars since its inception five years ago.  

To join the Racing4Research team and create a personalized fundraising page, click the Sign Up link above. Create a user name and your custom page link.

If you would like your donation to recognize a specific individual, first check to see if they have a personalized fundraising page by using the 'search' feature above. If no page exists, be sure to enter their name in the area provided when making your contribution.

If you would like your donation to be anonymous or donation amount hidden, please make that selection on the payment page, prior to submitting your payment information.

Making offline donations: All check donations should be made payable to CTF. When mailing your check please write 'R4R 2012' and (if applicable) the fundraiser's name in the memo section. Please mail check to: Children's Tumor Foundation, Racing4Research Program, 95 Pine Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10005.

Erica Hines
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Delaney Watts
     Round Hill, VA
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Amanda Windwalker
     West Valley City, UT
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Antonio Danino
     Sparta, NJ
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Bennett Jones
     Fresno, CA
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Emili McMakin
     Asheville, NC
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Melissa Lee
     Cumming, GA
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Kaitlyn Singh
     Covington, GA
     Amount Raised: $2,070.00

Marybeth Fussa
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Jack Laugel
     Loveland, CO
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Sara Geier
     Plainfield, IL
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Rolex 24 At Daytona
     New York,
     Amount Raised: $1,514.07

Pete Stilianessis
     Wayne, NJ
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Ron Yarab
     Poland, OH
     Amount Raised: $48,221.01

David Robinson
     Los Angeles,
     Amount Raised: $33,950.00

April Melvin
     Concord, NH
     Amount Raised: $5.00

Rosie Colucci
     Amount Raised: $30.00

Kelly Carpenter
     Salt Lake City, UT
     Amount Raised: $0.00

David Ginsberg
     Sahuarita, AZ
     Amount Raised: $2,617.50

Sandra Chanapan
     Oro Valley,
     Amount Raised: $175.00

Rachael Olbeter
     Greensburg, PA
     Amount Raised: $1,679.60

Jaime Snyder
     Pittsburgh, PA
     Amount Raised: $11,423.90

Marisol Cordova
     Amount Raised: $300.00

Ben Park
     Calgary Alberta Canada,
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Susan Danino
     Sparta, NJ
     Amount Raised: $8,310.00

Becky Plimpton
     Washoe Valley, NV
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Heather Wray
     Roanoke, VA
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Dana Iniguez
     Ontario, CA
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Catherine Archer
     Amount Raised: $100.00

Manuel Santana
     Suwanee, GA
     Amount Raised: $8,114.00

Dorothy Cullum
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Kallie Enman
     Amount Raised: $250.00

Colleen Perez
     Miami, FL
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Stacey Decillis
     Mineola, NY
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Tony Mixon
     Jacksonville, FL
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Joseph Domenech
     Amount Raised: $1,055.00

Bill Wells
     Wilbraham, MA
     Amount Raised: $55,672.95

Lily Ann Brooks
     Belle Isle, FL
     Amount Raised: $4,405.50

Camillia Douglas
     Hodgenville, KY
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Scott Libbee
     Silver Spring, MD
     Amount Raised: $125.00

Nancy Seaton
     Wilson, WY
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Terry Dixon
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Denise Pitzman
     Homer, AK
     Amount Raised: $2,327.00

Stephanie Reeve
     Fishers, IN
     Amount Raised: $270.00

Jesse Sorman
     Midlothian, VA
     Amount Raised: $2,435.34

Sheila Cohoon
     Clinton Township, MI
     Amount Raised: $960.00

Crystal Roberts
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Lynne Stockman
     Salt Lake City, UT
     Amount Raised: $100.00

Jill Markland
     Greendale, IN
     Amount Raised: $9,919.30

Stockton Schvaneveldt
     Lehi, UT
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Cameron Arnette
     Mechanicsville, VA
     Amount Raised: $1,546.16

Kathlyn Huerta
     Las Cruces, NM
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Kala Schvaneveldt
     Lehi, UT
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Amber Folkers
     Diller, NE
     Amount Raised: $100.00

Laura Smith
     Dallas, OR
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Kaye Ehrmantraut
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Jennifer Tibbets
     San Dimas, CA
     Amount Raised: $85.00

Linda Curtis
     Amount Raised: $15,541.00

Dylan Thompson
     lowell, MA
     Amount Raised: $3,303.00

Amie Petras
     Avon Lake, OH
     Amount Raised: $125.00

Aaron Bird
     Amount Raised: $1,517.92

Craig Abram
     Lancaster, OH
     Amount Raised: $1,500.00

James Shemeley
     Eastampton, NJ
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Jason Polak
     Oshkosh, WI
     Amount Raised: $50.00

Zachary Odegard
     Dallas, OR
     Amount Raised: $350.00

Andrew Pritchard
     Gilroy, CA
     Amount Raised: $150.00

David Flogaus
     Spring City,
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Paulina Edmunds
     El Paso,
     Amount Raised: $550.00

Blake Robinson
     Toluca Lake, CA
     Amount Raised: $1,500.00

Jaclyn Stoll
     Staten Island, NY
     Amount Raised: $4,870.00

Kevin Martin
     New Rochelle, NY
     Amount Raised: $4,168.00

Karen Branaugh
     Amount Raised: $2,099.12

Jack Burke
     Amount Raised: $11,500.00

Leslie Watts
     Amount Raised: $32,281.50

Sara Katelyn Watkins
     Amount Raised: $13,715.97

Shanna Byrd
     Amount Raised: $3,802.50

Denea Vigil
     Castro Valley, CA
     Amount Raised: $300.00

Nicole Riley
     Amount Raised: $1,430.00

Parla Brigman
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Izzy Mick
     Paw Paw, MI
     Amount Raised: $1,925.00

Christina Starr
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Sandra Gerrell
     Castle Hayne,
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Julie Rutter
     Sugar Grove, IL
     Amount Raised: $3,129.75

Christina Starr
     Half Way, MO
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Caroline Moulsdale
     Lincoln University, PA
     Amount Raised: $255.00

Ronnie Roberts
     Wilmington, NC
     Amount Raised: $2,275.00

Cynthia Birchfield
     Amount Raised: $0.00

Karen Gibbons
     Jupiter, FL
     Amount Raised: $2,710.00

Larry Gossard
     Kenton, OH
     Amount Raised: $2,515.32

Shaun Neppl
     Sycamore, IL
     Amount Raised: $3,969.00

Julia Perfetti
     Glen Cove, NY
     Amount Raised: $53,746.00

Dawn Marie Thompson
     Lowell, MA
     Amount Raised: $225.00

Hans Brain
     Amount Raised: $9,905.00

Nicholas Biering
     Amount Raised: $5,560.79

Jocelyn Driscoll
     Amount Raised: $115.00

Taylor Halbert
     Las Vegas, NV
     Amount Raised: $4,317.00

Bailey Gribben
     Levittown, NY
     Amount Raised: $6,015.00

Ashley Perdew
     Amount Raised: $25.00

Michael Zazula
     Drexel Hill, NY
     Amount Raised: $7,929.00

Ethan Wray
     Raleigh, NC
     Amount Raised: $25.00


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