Congratulations on agreeing to be a Team Captain for DogFest. We consider you one of our TOP DOGS in our quest to bring alive the mission of Canine Companions for Independence. It’s our Team Captains that will bring the people, the money and the fun to DogFest! With these tools, you will find out how to put together a team, recruit team members and teach them to be great fundraisers. You’ll also learn about ways to increase the fun factor for your team members when it comes to DogFest. Now it’s time to get creative and have fun! Click here to find a DogFest Walk 'n Roll near you!

How To Start A Team

Once you commit to be a DogFest Team Captain, you’ll want to register your team. Your team members can be anyone – friends, family members, coworkers. You’ll also want to name your team (get creative). Look over this checklist to help you get started.

Be A Great Team Captain

Each team has a Team Captain (or Top Dog). The Team Captain is the leader of the team. He or she is responsible for recruiting team members to the team. Check out these tips for how to be a great Team Captain and help your team members to be successful in their fundraising efforts.

Team Fundraising Ideas

Team fundraisers are excellent for building team morale and getting pre-event publicity. It’s a great way to engage your team in fundraising and have fun at the same time. You might even help recruit new teams by holding a team fundraiser. Check out these ideas and get your team fired-up about DogFest.

DogFest Team Roster (pdf)

Your job at Team Captain is to recruit team members, and help them be successful fundraisers. This Team Roster will help you do both. Download it here.

DogFest Donation Form

Each DogFest participant will want to print out a DogFest Donation Form so they can track their individual fundraising effort. Make sure your team members have one of these, and celebrate their successes as together you work towards your team goal.

Incentive Prizes (aka DOG TREATS!)

Canine Companions believes in rewarding good behavior so when team members raise money, we give treats! You might consider it an incentive prize. Either way, we want to acknowledge fundraising greatness. Check out the great incentive prizes you can earn. Note: Online registration is required to qualify for these gifts.