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rosanna kaufman Please join me in supporting the important and noble mission of Children's Hospital Los Angeles! /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/34FEE1E843BB419CAC8B3A272678C4AE.jpg
Zoe Menteer Zoe Menteer is requesting donations to help kids with heart failure in lieu of birthday gifts. /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/C9446C9CEF1D4947BF595F81DA8FC77A.jpg
Lori Marshall Family Resource Center- CHLA Help Support the Family Resource Center Programs and Services /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/DA6CC49FC36844E486566539ED1F5095.jpg
Jessica Rousset Help CHLA continue to deliver the most cutting-edge care to those most in need /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/138BE4F0C24543B2BAE6E8B8BBD43DF3.jpg
Gabe Schenkman GOFARR The Schenkman Family invites you to the Third Annual GOFARR Bowling Party to benefit kidney- related clinical program and research. Sponsorship opportunities range from $10,000 - $100 individual tickets. If you are unable to attend but would like to help, we will gratefully accept all contributions. /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/55C1ED70558F49BBB4FE70D31E94BCFA.pdf
Kathryn Smith Rett Clinic Providing support for an interdisciplinary clinic for children with Rett syndrome.
Sarah Todd Endocrinology Ambassadors To support two embedded psychologists in the division of Endocrinology. /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/A685D1B356974858B75B679B9358B523.jpg
Laryn Nolan Since Ryan is turning 18 and graduating from High School, we decided to start a fundraising page to help out the Ortho department at CHLA. (Ryan's home away from home!) If you would like to donate, please make any kind of donation that you can. Thank you! /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/6A9A423DC7BF466DA39B1C546D11576A.jpg
Cassandra Fink Diabetes & Obesity Program Our mission is to develop, implement and promote innovative and effective strategies for combating childhood and adolescent diabetes and obesity. Our program is aligned with research, clinical care and community outreach to provide a comprehensive approach. /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/DE318C4289D14F7AB8272A238520CB8A.jpg
Bailey LA Kings Mascot Bailey, the LA Kings lovable mascot, is raising funds and awareness for the new Rehabilitation Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/91917B4E94834F2592FF81E934D2513F.jpg
Alexander Ito 16 Years, over 30 Surgeries and Going Strong! I support Children's Hospital Los Angeles, will you? /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/71016A2F049346F6A6A0E33EBA667211.jpg
Tracy Myers This is a fundraising page for my daughter Charlotte Fishman who has been coming to CHLA since she was 10days old. /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/99891BC89D784E298D7A95E9A4547717.jpg
Rosalba Zesati I was recently diagnosed with a melanoma and it was my faith in God that kept me positive and hopeful. There are many kids who have critical illness and while we provide the best care and have some of the best doctors, Faith and Spirtual healing is something technology cannot replace nor emulate. Faith and spirituality are just as important in the healing process as is medicine.
David Davis Children's Hospital Los Angeles Make a charitable donation as your wedding gift for David and Tracy
Nancy Chang CHLA Thank you for helping me raise money for Nursing research.
Anna Evans Gregory T Evans is turning 40 this year. /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/67F25E0C37CF4109865EDD37190076F8.jpg
Dagmar Grefe CHLA Donations requested in memory of Magdalene Grefe.
Louis Kwan Run for a better future
Hillary Freeman I am proud to work for Children's Hospital Los Angeles and have the opportunity to know our amazing staff, our brave patients and families and our wonderful mission! /AccountTempFiles/upload/6043206/2B5AC8867F444F17B202D8B9467AB136.jpg
Mimi Kim Adrenal Camp Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia CAH We are raising funds to send 30 patients with adrenal insufficiency to The Painted Turtle!