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The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation is committed to increasing funding for mitochondrial disease research now - to alleviate the suffering of thousands who have this debilitating and often fatal disease and to develop better understanding of and treatments for the many common illnesses and chronic conditions associated with it. 

To expedite this action and ensure Congress, the medical community and the general public understand the importance of mitochondrial disease research, we must call on our the affected community, their friends and families, to advocate for all.

What can you do now?  

See if your Congressman is a member of the UMDF's Congressional Mitochondrial Disease Caucus.   Click here to see our honorable caucus members.  

If they are not on the list, visit the UMDF Advocacy Action Center now and send a letter to your Congressman asking her/him to join the UMDF's Congressional Mitochondrial Caucus.

Don't know who your Congressman is?  Not a problem, just click here and provide your address and learn who represents you in Washington, D.C.

WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO ADVOCATE? To assist you in your advocacy, we are pleased to present a toolkit which provides guidelines for working with elected officials and for engaging the media.  Included are fact sheets, talking points, sample letters and sample media materials to give you everything you need to begin your advocacy campaign.

You are our best advocate.  It is critical that we tell the UMDF story and your individual stories to a much broader audience.  Our messages must be consistent and clear in order to make mitochondrial disease more readily recognizable and to create a sense of urgency among policy makers and the medical community.

Materials have been developed for you to download and to help you convey important, easy to understand information about the disease and the need for additional research.Advocacy Toolkit - please use these materials to help in your conversations and written correspondence with elected officials, their staffs and the media. 

Thank you for your support!