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Mentions and features of California Western School of Law appear in media outlets throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Here is a list of what people are saying about California Western, our experienced and supportive faculty, innovative curriculum, and renowned real-world programs, institutes, and clinics.
APRIL 2014

San Diego Daily Transcript - April 30
San Diego’s law school deans, including California Western Dean Niels B. Schaumann, discuss what they feel are the flaws in the U.S. News & World Report law school rankings.

San Diego Daily Transcript - April 30
Professor Michal R. Belknap is interviewed about the decision by a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel that calls San Diego County's restrictions on gun carrying unconstitutional and also how the decision may have ramifications beyond California.

State Journal Register - April 26
Brian Banks, who was exonerated by California Western's California Innocence Project is the special guest at the Illinois Innocence Project dinner, as reported by this Springfield newspaper.

Daily Titan - April 21
Cal State Fullerton’s newspaper writes about Orange County Superior Court Judge Elizabeth G. Macias '99 returning to her undergraduate alma mater to inspire students with her story of success despite the many obstacles she faced as a Chicana.

Despierta San Diego - April 21
Fred Rooney, who helped establish the Access to Law Initiative (ALI) at California Western, along with ALI attorney Michelle J. Stavros ’13, appear on the Univision Spanish-language morning news program to discuss the program and how it provides access to justice for citizens who can’t afford a lawyer.

Gay San Diego - April 18
Paul D. McGuire '11, who writes a law column for the publication called Legally LGBT, comments on several states passing religious freedom laws as a way of protecting them from claims of discrimination against same-sex couples.

San Diego Daily Transcript- April 15
Professor Kathryn Fehrman writes a column on the value of teaching music to law students and other because of its effect on developing the right-brain, which enhances many other skills.

Sacramento Bee - April 13
Adjunct Professor Yvette Lopez writes an op-ed piece on the issue of immigration reform - “Half an Enchilada is Better Than No Enchilada.”

San Diego Daily Transcript - April 8
One hundred thirty-five California Western students are honored for their pro bono and public service work, by being inducted into the Pro Bono and Public Service honors programs at the law school in a special ceremony.

Government Technology - April 2
The online publication has an article on Senate Bill 280, co-sponsored by the California Innocence Project, that would allow prison inmates to have easier access to DNA testing as a means of proving their possible innocence.

MARCH 2014

San Diego Daily Transcript - March 28
California Western alumna Melissa J. Deleon ’10 of Gilliland and Burgess is very active doing charity work as well as mentoring students.

New York Times - March 27
A report on the decision by a court in Qatar to sentence Americans Matthew and Grace Huang to three years in prison for the death of their daughter Gloria in 2013. The California Innocence Project at California Western is on the Huang’s defense team.

Los Angeles Times
- March 27
A report on the Huang case sentencing, and the efforts of the California Innocence Project to free them.

Univision -
March 27
The Death Penalty Debate presented by the Criminal Law Society and XONR8 at California Western is covered by a Spanish-language news station.

San Diego Daily Transcript - March 27
Two attorneys, Jeffrey S. Isaacs '68 and Janine A. Sarti are elected to the Board of Trustees of California Western.

KCAL Television - CBS Los Angeles - March 26
An interview with Professor Justin P. Brooks on the decision of the authorities in Qatar to sentence Matthew and Grace Huang to three years in prison.

San Diego Daily Transcript - March 25
Four California Western students win the regional American Association for Justice regional trial advocacy competition in Seattle and will move on to the national competition later in April.

The Celebrity Cafe - March 27
Web publication carries an article on the Huang case and the California Innocence Project's involvement.

U-T San Diego - March 26
Professor Glenn C. Smith writes a short commentary on the oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court on the Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius case involving the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

KPBS Radio and Television
- March 25
Professors Glenn C. Smith and Susan A. Channick are guests on the radio program Midday Edition to discuss the arguments in the Hobby Lobby case. Channick is also interviewed for the KPBS television program Evening Edition.

The Christian Science Monitor - March 20
Professor James M. Cooper is interviewed by the newspaper’s online Cyber Conflict Monitor for a story on transnational criminal activity involving the Internet.

KPBS Radio and Television - March 19
Professor Justin P. Brooks appears on the KPBS programs Midday Edition and Evening Edition to discuss a decision by Governor Jerry Brown to release inmates serving life sentences to reduce prison overcrowding in California.

San Diego Daily Transcript - March 18
The first Air and Space Law Symposium, held at California Western, explores the future of unmanned aircraft and other issues.

San Diego Business Journal - March 17
An article on the Air and Space Law Symposium.

San Diego Daily Transcript - March 11
Professor Kathryn Fehrman writes an amusing commentary on the social impact of Facebook titled "Facebook and the Secrets of the Universe."

U-T San Diego - March 2
An in-depth profile of Uriah Courtney, a San Diego County man exonerated and freed by the California Innocence Project after spending eight years in prison for a crime he did not commit.


10News - February 28
Professor Justin P. Brooks of the California Innocence Project is interviewed on the case of Matt and Grace Huang, who face murder charges in Qatar in the death of their 9-year-old daughter. CIP is calling for Qatari authorities to investigate possible falsified lab results in the girl's autopsy.

The Verge - February 26
Assistant Dean Arnold S. Rosenberg is interviewed by the online tech publication about whether the pricing practices of the San Diego car and driver-providing company Uber may be deceptive. 

San Diego Daily Transcript - February 26
California Western alumnus Stephen J. Estey '92 is named Trial Attorney of the Year by the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.

New York Times
 - February 25
The California Innocence Project, part of the defense team for Matthew and Grace Huang, charged in Qatar with murdering their 9-year-old daughter, is part of the effort to get Qatar authorities to investigate the possible falsification of autopsy results in the case.

KPBS Radio- February 25
Professor Alex J. Simpson discusses the impact of social media on criminal cases, especially confessions on social media outlets such as Facebook.

10News San Diego - February 24
Professor Ruth Hargrove is interviewed about the suspension of a group of students from Sweetwater High School for re-tweeting messages from a Twitter Account that has negative posts about San Diego County schools, teachers, and students.

San Diego Daily Transcript - February 18
California Western's team of third-year students Rachel M. Ferguson and Susan M. Sindelar win a national moot court competition: the19th National Juvenile Law Moot Court Competition at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa.

Del Mar Times - February 18
Adjunct Professor Bradley A. Weinreb, who is a deputy state attorney general, spends two weeks this winter educating law students in the Czech Republic about crime victims' rights.

10News San Diego - February 16
Adjunct Professor Duane E. Bennett is interviewed for a story on women's rights when stopped by a police officer and what to do if the officer is making improper advances.

10News San Diego - February 11
Professor Timothy M. Casey is interviewed for a story on a San Diego Police volunteer under internal investigation for allegedly soliciting business for a law firm where she works while working with accident victims in her capacity as a volunteer.

San Diego Daily Transcript - February 7
Vaughn Walker, the judge who decided that California's voter-approved Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional appears at California Western to discuss his decision and the issues around it.

Legal.Com - February 6
The online publication features California Western's first annual Air and Space Law Symposium March 14-15.

San Diego 6 News - February 1
The annual California Innocence Project Dodgeball Tournament is featured in a television story that captured the fun in this colorful event.

San Diego Daily Transcript - January 29
California Western receives a California Bar Foundation grant to support A.I.M. for Law, a diversity outreach program the law school operates jointly with UC San Diego and San Diego State University.


San Diego Daily Transcript - January 28
Professor Nancy S. Kim is elected to the American Law Institute, the only legal professional in San Diego to be named to the prestigious organization.

U-T San Diego and San Diego Daily Transcript - January 28
San Diego Superior Court Commissioner Keri G. Katz '86 is appointed as a Superior Court judge by Governor Jerry Brown. Katz is also an adjunct professor with California Western's STEPPS program.

San Diego Daily Transcript - January 21
Professor Greg Reilly joins the California Western faculty in July. Reilly is currently a Bigelow Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago Law School.

Univision San Diego - January 15
Professor James M. Cooper and retired Chilean judge Juan Guzmán appear on the morning news program "Despierta San Diego" to discuss Guzmán's prosecution of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Judge Guzmán visited California Western to deliver the 2014 S. Houston Lay Lecture.

San Diego Business Journal - January 6
California Western School of Law appoints three new members to the Board of Trustees, Imran Jaswal, Robert Richley, and Eberhard Röhm.

San Diego Lawyer - November-December Issue
The magazine of the San Diego County Bar Association features a cover story on Jon R. Williams '92, the SDCBA's newly elected president. Several other California Western alumni are also prominent in the magazine, including Marcella O. McLaughlin '98, and Karla C. Pinckes '01. Michael A. Semanchik '10, and Alyssa L. Bjerkhoel '08 are also featured In a colorful article on the California Innocence Project's march to Sacramento, written by Elizabeth Blust '09.

San Diego Daily Transcript - January 2
STEPPS Program Director Professor Timothy M. Casey is interviewed about a California Supreme Court decision allowing undocumented immigrant Sergio Garcia to obtain a law license.

preLaw Magazine - Winter 2014 Issue
California Western is selected as a "Diversity Star" in a special article about diversity in U.S. law schools.