Stop Anti-Equality Candidates like
Whitman, Cooley and Fiorina!

Meg Whitman has given her campaign a whopping $143 million from her personal fortune. Carl Rove -- the man who led the effort in 2004 to put marriage bans on state ballots to turn out anti-equality voters for George W. Bush -- is helping a corporate group spend more than $1 million to elect Steve Cooley. The National Organization for (Straight) Marriage has poured close to $1 million into California races, including Carly Fiorina's. All of these donations are helping candidates who oppose equality.

Opponents of marriage equality want to put anti-LGBT candidates in offices across the state. Let’s stand up and stop them. Help us raise $25,900 in the 3 days that remain until Election Day to make sure that pro-equality voters know to vote for candidates who support equality 100 percent.

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