For Volunteers

We can offer a number of ways for volunteers to support GoHere including:


• Research, analysis and planning before a new community is launched
• Leadership of volunteer teams
• Outreach to businesses and in the community (marketing, communications, recruitment skills ideal)
• Grant writing and research as well as partnership opportunities to support expansion into new communities





To learn more about GoHere, view our GoHere Teaser:



A number tools have been created to assist active volunteers in their work supporting GoHere. Please visit our Volunteer Tools page and check out the GoHere section, as well as other volunteer resources, like our narrated Volunteer Orientation presentation which provides an excellent overview of who we are, what we do and how your work is making a difference.






• GoHere Ambassador





Please complete the online Volunteer Application Form, indicating you are specifically applying for the GoHere Washroom Access program. Feel free to familiarize yourself with the position descriptions above to get a sense of the existing roles or suggest new ways you feel you can contribute!


If interested, please email