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UD Autism Lab fNIRS Study

Identified Contact Person and PI:

Anjana Bhat, PT, PhD
Study PI, Associate Professor in PT and Psychological & Brain Sciences
Email: (preferred)
Phone: (302) 831 - 7608

Study Type: Research

Multiple Visits: (3)


Trial Sponsor(s): NIH, CTR-ACCEL


Study Location, Newark, DE


Eligibility Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria:Infants from 3 months to 3 years, Children - 3 years to adulthood, Adults 18-50 years.

Exclusion Criteria: Significant sensory problems interfering with cap placement

Gender: Male and Female

Mimimum Age: 3

Maximum Age: 50


90 Participants needed

Start Date Recruitment: 11/1/2016

End Date Recruitment: 12/31/2020 

Time Commitment: 3 days

Time Commitment Frequency: 1-2 times per month 


Supplemental info:

UD’s Autism Lab fNIRS Study: Families can participate in a study examining brain activity in infants, children and adults with/without Autism Spectrum Disorder, 3 months to 50 years; when performing various play/functional skills. This study involves 3 visits to our lab in Newark, Delaware. fNIRS is completely safe and non-invasive. A cap with LED lights is placed on the participant’s head as he/she completes activities. Payment = $30. To volunteer, email (302) 831-7608.