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A Letter To Nurses from Hadassah’s Nurses’ Advisory Board: How Can We Help Haiti?

January 20, 2010
A Letter To Nurses from Hadassah’s Nurses’ Advisory Board:
How Can We Help Haiti?

To Our Hadassah Nursing Colleagues:

As you all know, the largest recorded earthquake that hit Haiti less than one week ago and the one that just hit today, have wreaked devastation, personal injury, loss and heartache upon the entire population there. More than 40 relief organizations have set up operations in Haiti to deal with the sick and injured; to deliver food, shelter and water to the survivors; to make sure the people are safe from aftershocks and violence that are occurring across the region; and giving support and caring to those survivors. Hadassah, in concert with the team sent by the Israeli government, has sent 3 physicians and an OR nurse to Haiti. They have set up a field hospital and have been caring for the Haitians for a few days

Many of us, as nurses, want to help relieve suffering of these victims. So you may ask, how do I do something to that end? First, consider what you can do to volunteer your time and energy, in addition to donations for the purchase of supplies for the earthquake victims. The ANA (American Nurses' Association) has a First Responder system that you can become part of. The link below discusses the current needs as well as the future needs for nursing assistance in Haiti:


Even though most of us want to help immediately by going to Haiti, the needs of the Haitian people as a result of this devastating earthquake will continue for weeks, months and potentially years. You, as a Hadassah nurse, can make a difference by offering your professional expertise and/or donating to the relief organization that best parallels your own beliefs. The link below will take you to the Hadassah homepage where you will find updated information about this crisis as well as the various organizations through which you can donate to this humanitarian cause.


As Hadassah nurses we will rise to this challenge as we have before, by making a difference. Please contact us at:
psbranden@hadassah.org with any questions. We want to extend our warmest regards, sincerest thanks, and deepest pride in all of you, our Hadassah Nursing colleagues.


Pennie, Barbara and Beverly

Pennie Sessler Branden, CNM, MSN
Barbara Sabin, RN, BSN

Co-Chairs, Hadassah's Nurses' Advisory Board

Beverly Goldsmith, RN, MSN, MHSNP
Chair, National Center for Nurses' Councils


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