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<I>Guide to Understanding Treatment Decisions</I> - Order 10 copies or more
Name: Guide to Understanding Treatment Decisions - Order 10 copies or more
Product Code: GUTD
Description:Navigate a new diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer with this guide that explains the impact of pathology tests and genomic tests and provides tools to think about your treatment options. 
Product Detail:This brochure will help you during the first few months after your diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer. Our Guide to Understanding Treatment Decisions lays out the medical issues you face in moving forward with your care, what your doctors look for in figuring out the best treatment for you, the impact of pathology tests and genomic tests like Oncotype DX and how to make sense of the information while balancing your personal needs and lifestyle. Get resources and consider your options for surgery, chemotherapy and targeted therapy. This guide was reviewed by a team of healthcare professionals and women affected by breast cancer. 
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