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<i>We Celebrate Tomorrow: Latinas Living Beyond Breast Cancer</i> - 10 copies or more
Name: We Celebrate Tomorrow: Latinas Living Beyond Breast Cancer - 10 copies or more
Product Code: WCT
Description:/Celebramos el Mañana: Latinas que Sobreviven el Cáncer del Seno Bilingual educational resource containing culturally relevant information. Order 10 copies or more. 
Product Detail:By Aracely Rosales and Living Beyond Breast Cancer. This bilingual educational resource for Latinas affected by breast cancer, their families and healthcare providers contains culturally relevant information and support. 
Features:Drawing from the real-life experiences of Latinas, it includes a list of bilingual resources, stories from Latinas affected by breast cancer and more. Flip book over and text is in Spanish.

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