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Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: <i>Managing Stress and Anxiety</i> - Order 9 copies or less.
Name: Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Managing Stress and Anxiety - Order 9 copies or less.
Product Code: MBCMSA
Description:Learn skills to cope with the ups and downs of ongoing treatment. Explores lifestyle changes, complementary therapies and other ways to take control of stress and make the most of every day. Order 9 copies or less. 
Product Detail:This guide offers practical methods to help you lower the stress of ongoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer. Explore common feelings and choose from a variety of tools to help cope with uncertainty. We pay special attention to three methods of self-care that help LBBC volunteers cope with stress and anxiety: getting information when you want it, exercise and good personal connections. This guide was written with the assistance of healthcare professionals and women living with metastatic breast cancer. 
Features:Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of your ordered materials. Thank you! 
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