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Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: <i>Treatment Options for Today and Tomorrow</i> - Order 9 or less
Name: Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Treatment Options for Today and Tomorrow - Order 9 or less
Product Code: MBC
Description:Gain a basic understanding of therapies for stage IV breast cancer and explore the options available to you. Order 9 copies or less. 
Product Detail:This brochure explores the treatment options available now for metastatic breast cancer, whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with stage IV disease for months or years. This guide covers the goals of treatment and how metastatic breast cancer is different from early-stage breast cancer, why clinical trials may help you, questions to ask your doctor about treatments, possible breakthrough therapies in the pipeline and what happens once treatment begins. Includes sections on specific chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted treatments. 
Features:Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of your ordered materials. If you are in immediate need of your order, please call LBBC at 610-645-4567 to make special arrangements. Thank you! 
Restrictions:Click here to order 10 or more copies of this brochure at a significant discount. 
Price:Donation Requested