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Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: <i>Guide for the Newly Diagnosed</i> - Order 10 or more copies
Name: Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Guide for the Newly Diagnosed - Order 10 or more copies
Product Code: MBCGND
Description:This brochure will help you cope with the first few days, weeks and months after a diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer, whether it is your first diagnosis or the cancer returned. Order 10 copies or more. 
Product Detail:Jointly created by Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Guide for the Newly Diagnosed explains stage IV breast cancer, existing and upcoming treatment options and their side effects, clinical trials, and complementary therapies to relieve stress and anxiety. Learn how to talk effectively about your concerns with your healthcare providers and with the people closest to you. Understand your diagnosis to play an active role in your treatment.

The guide includes the experiences of women living with metastatic breast cancer of all ages, ethnicities and lifestyles.

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