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<i>Getting Connected: African Americans Living Beyond Breast Cancer, 2nd Ed.</i> - 10 copies or more
Name: Getting Connected: African Americans Living Beyond Breast Cancer, 2nd Ed. - 10 copies or more
Product Code: GC
Description:A powerful, culturally sensitive, 50-page book created by Living Beyond Breast Cancer and 68 African-American women affected by breast cancer. 10 copies or more 
Product Detail:By Patricia K. Bradley, PhD, RN, FAAN; Arin Ahlum Hanson, MPH, CHES; Marjorie Scharf, MPH; and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.
Features:Available in November 2011. This booklet features the personal stories of 68 African-American women going through a diagnosis of breast cancer, treatment and beyond. Through their stories, explore your first reactions to a breast cancer diagnosis, beliefs about breast cancer, ways to get good health care, breast cancer treatment options, support from family and friends and what to do after you finish active treatment.

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