Reaching Out to Donors via Social Media and Email

How do I update my individual page?

1. Login at

2. Click on the My Webpage tab

3. Upload a picture of yourself, your team, the loved one you are paddler for…Something significant to YOU.

4. Edit the text…What is YOUR story? Why are you doing this? Why are you raising money for cancer survivorship?

5. Click on “submit” on the bottom/right of the screen to save your changes

Sharing on Social Media

1. Go to your HEADQUARTERS (under MY HQ) on left of screen

2. Find SOCIAL FUNDRAISING toward the bottom/right of screen. Click on the icon you wish you connect with.

3. Write a message that will appeal to your friends/family then click “share”.

How to Email directly from the festival website

1. Under MY HQ find “email friends”

2. You can click on “address book import” and import your contacts from excel, gmail or yahoo

3. OR you can just type your email contacts into the spaces on your own

4. Then, type in your greeting and your message

5. Then, preview and send the email