The Prouty Bike Jersey Design Competition


This Prouty is a fundraising event that benefits Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center.
The Prouty began 31 years ago as a 100 mile bike ride; and although it now includes walk,
row and golf options, cycling remains the predominant Prouty activity.


The Prouty is excited to announce the first-ever Bike Jersey Design Competition, a project intended to involve the great talent pool of artists of our region to come up with the snazziest bike shirt ever!

On July 12, 2013, in Manchester, NH, 100+ Prouty Ultimate cyclists will begin their two-day, 200-mile ride, and on July 13th 3,000+ Prouty cyclists will join them. All cyclists who raise $1,000 dollars are eligible to receive the coveted Prouty bike jersey, which has a different design every year. This year, we want a fresh new design to inspire more cyclists to reach the $1,000 fundraising level.


How to Apply:

The artist must submit their design via email (as outlined on the Design Details section of this page), or drop it off at the Prouty Office (at DHMC in Lebanon, NH), or send via mail, along with their name, email, phone # and address, to be received by February 1, 2013. See below for contact information.


Contest Details:

Artists may enter multiple designs.

The artist with the selected design must sign the Prouty Bike Contest Agreement stating that they understand the contest terms, before they are announced the winner.

The winner will be announced to the 7,000 people in our Prouty email list, along with a link (if applicable) to the artist's website. The artists' name will appear on the "ProutyGear" page of website next to their design. The winner will also receive one of the bike jerseys (a $1,000 value!).

Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center will have the right to use the jersey and its image for marketing and promotion.


Design Details:

Artists must use the Louis Garneau pdf template OR may replicate the shapes of the pieces on a medium of their choice (e.g. watercolor paper, canvas, etc.) - as long as the front and back pieces are clearly labeled. Artists may also enlarge the individual shapes at a size no greater than 11 x 17" each. Here is the link to the template (copy and paste into your browser if link doesn't work):

Artists should read all instructions on the template and note that the continuity of the design cannot be guaranteed between the panels so to avoid elements that spread over panels. BUT, don't let the technical nature of the template dampen your enthusiasm or hamper your creativity! The LG graphic designers are total pros and CAN create a design based on your art.

Artists are encouraged, but not required, to create the design in a vector format (this is usually created in Adobe Illustrator) and save the file as a vector pdf. The bike jersey manufacturer, Louis Garneau, will adapt the winning design as they deem necessary, in order to make it workable. At the discretion of the Louis Garneau graphics department, the artists may have the opportunity to provide feedback to the graphic production department during the design adaption process with the understanding that the production department will have full control of the final, adapted design.  

The Prouty jersey comes in two designs - one for the general Prouty and one for the Prouty Ultimate. Artists may choose to submit a design for each event OR submit just one for The Prouty and allow the Louis Garneau graphics department to adjust the design colors to create a altered version for the Ultimate. In the past shirts for the Ultimate and Ultimate support riders have had relatively the same design as The Prouty but with different colors and less logos - but this does not have to be the case.

The name of the event, "The Prouty" must be prominent in the design, however the artist can chose to create a design with no text and Louis Garneau can add it. Louis Garneau will be adding Prouty corporate sponsor logos (roughly 25-30 for The Prouty design and 2-5 for the Ultimate) and text as necessary so the artist is advised to create a design that is not too "busy" - especially on the back where logos will mostly go, in order to accommodate the logos. Past design examples are shown below.

The artist's design must not contain references to a particular product or merchant.


To Apply:

Mail the design, along with your name, email, phone # and address to:
The Prouty, c/o FNCCC
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756

or email digital files to:


Sampling of past Prouty jersey designs (front and back with logos applied):

Artists may also visit the Friends’ office to look at examples of Prouty and other artistic jersey samples.


2012 Prouty jersey:

2012 Prouty Ultimate jersey:

2008 Prouty jersey:

2007 Prouty jersey:

2005 Prouty jersey:


Email or call 1-800-226-8744 with questions or for more information.