Brown County dogs get a second chance

RedRover steps in for 66 rescued dogs and puppies

Dear animal supporter,
The owner of the dogs shares an emotional moment with Emergency Services Manager Beth Gammie before RedRover Responders volunteers take over their care.
I'm writing to you from Brown County, Ohio, where 44 dogs and 22 puppies have been given up by their owner.
The 66 dogs were rescued after the owner admitted that she was overwhelmed and financially unable to provide their care. The woman was living in deteriorating conditions; the dogs were being housed outside without protection from the elements. A veterinarian on site found that many of the dogs were suffering from mange, skin infections and untreated wounds.
As much as it hurts to think of these dogs suffering, it feels good to know that RedRover is here to bring animals from crisis to care. Over the past two days, I've met so many sweet dogs -- dogs like Barney who deserve and rely on our help. Click below to open Barney's video webpage.
Barney is an older dog who, despite sores and bite wounds, is still very sweet. Watch this video to meet him.
I'm so grateful to be here for these dogs; I'm so grateful for RedRover and the generous volunteers who drop everything to rush to the animals' aid; and I'm so grateful for people like you. Because we are working together to end animal suffering, Barney won't have to live out the rest of his days in squalor and misery.
It is your support that enables RedRover to care for animals in need. It's because you care about animals that right now, RedRover Responders volunteers are in Ohio to give 66 dogs and puppies new lives.
We've transported the dogs to our temporary shelter where RedRover Responders volunteers are working with the Brown County Humane Society to take care of them and give them the attention they deserve. 
Please consider making a donation to our Emergency Response Fund to help us provide loving care and attention for animals rescued from crisis situations. Today, we're in Ohio -- but your support enables RedRover to be there the next time the animals need our help.
Keep an eye out for an update about this situation in this month's email newsletter. In the meantime, please like us on Facebook to follow this case, bookmark our Emergency Response Journal and tweet me @RedRoverBeth.
For the animals,
Beth Gammie
Emergency Services Manager
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