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10 Mile Route

June 9, 2012

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The roads are NOT closed to traffic during the ride - so please use caution and follow normal traffic rules as you maneuver the courses.

Starting Line: Performing Arts Center at Simsbury Meadows, located along Iron Horse Boulevard, east of Rt. 10/202 in downtown Simsbury, Connecticut.

Start at: Iron Horse Blvd
  1. Head south on Iron Horse Blvd.
  2. STOP SIGN - Turn right at Drake Hill Rd (Total distance .51 mile)
  3. TRAFFIC LIGHT - Turn left at Route 202/10 AKA Hopmeadow St. (Total distance .62 mile)
  4. TRAFFIC LIGHT - Immediate right at Route 167/West St (Total distance .66 mile)
  5. TRAFFIC LIGHT - Turn right onto Firetown Rd (Total distance .87 mile)
  6. STOP SIGN - Turn right onto Holcomb Street (Total distance 4.20 miles)
  7. **Riders may see others going in the opposite direction on Holcomb between Firetown and Barndoor Hills Roads**
  8. STOP SIGN - Turn Right onto County Road (Total distance 5.35 miles)
  9. STOP SIGN - Turn HARD Right onto Hoskins Rd (Total distance 6.70 miles)
  10. STOP SIGN - Turn Left onto Squadron Line Road (Total distance 7.12 miles)
  11. Turn Left onto Powder Horn Drive (Total distance 7.34 miles)
  12. STOP SIGN - Turn Right onto Musket Trail (Total distance 7.62 miles)
  13. STOP SIGN - Turn Left onto Owens Brook Blvd (Total distance 8.15 miles)
  14. At TRAFFIC LIGHT cross over Route 202/10 AKA Hopmeadow St to Iron Horse Blvd (Total distance 8.73 miles)
Arrive at: Performing Arts Center (Total distance 9.30 miles)