Meet your 2013 TeamWHOI Falmouth Road Race Runners

Joe Donahue

I will be running my second Road race in Falmouth August 11, 2013! Being a member of Team WHOI is very exciting. As a child I spent many summers on the Cape and my uncle who was a diver would bring all the kids to WHOI. I always found it fascinating to see and hear about of the work being done here. I am very proud to be part of Team WHOI and look forward to achieving my fund-raising goal.

Shannon Rauch

I will be running my first Falmouth Road Race (and first race ever) this year! I'm very excited to run it as part of TeamWHOI in support of the amazing research that goes on here everyday. Our oceans are a precious resource, and we have so much more to learn and discover! Originally from upstate New York, I began working at the Institution in Spring 2012. I'm proud to be a part of this community and proud to show my support all the way to the finish line!

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Ian Wallace

I will be a Senior at Sandwich High School this fall and have been a part of the Cross Country, Winter Track, and Spring Track teams since Freshman year.   I was born on Cape Cod and have lived in Sandwich all my life.  I have spent many days on the water with my father on his boat.  He served as Executive Officer on the Tabor Boy at Tabor Academy when he was a Senior in high school and he has taught me a lot about boating and the waters around Cape Cod.  My mother works at WHOI in the Development Office and I’m always interested to hear about the amazing work being done there.  I hope to study Engineering or Computer Science in college in 2014.  I am excited to be running for TeamWHOI and fundraising for such a world renowned Institution.

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Alison Criscitiello

I will be running my 3rd Falmouth Road Race this year, and am very excited to run it as part of TeamWHOI. This is my 5th and final year working at the Institution as a graduate student. I'm proud to be a part of the WHOI community, and am excited this year to run in support of WHOI and the research that goes on here!

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Jack Whitehead

Last year, Rich Sherman urged me to join teamWHOI. After many years of running I am joining teamWHOI to recognize Rich and Kathy for all the years they tirelessly organized the Falmouth Road Race. I have enjoyed the race since 1986 (see 9th t-shirt in photo). A "few" tours around Nobska at lunchtime have helped me to stay healthy. Thank you, WHOI for providing the lockers and showers that made my daily runs possible!

Some members do not have a town number for this race as I do, and they have to raise more than me. If you would like to chip in to support any of the runners in teamWHOI, please feel free to do so. It will help to support the wonderful RESEARCH that continues to be done by a healthy WHOI staff.

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Monica Rouco-Molina

More information coming soon.

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Michael Pinto

More information coming soon.

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Juan Bacigalupi 

More information coming soon.

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Jim Litman

More information coming soon.

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