Train to End Stroke
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I train to run or walk 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles?
    Train to End Stroke sets the participants up with a professional coach who creates a training schedule that is customized for each individual based on their needs.  The coach also offers clinics on marathon topics that will help educate participants and help them cross the finish line.

  2. How can I raise all of the required money for the fundraising minimum
    The fundraising minimum for the Kona Half Marathon is $4900 per participant. Train to End Stroke sets the participants up with a fundraising director.  The director helps participants to create one-on-one fundraising plans.  They offer the participants the tips, tools and techniques to go about raising the money.

  3. How much of the money I raise actually goes towards stroke research?
    At least 70% of the money raised goes towards stroke research, education and advocacy.

  4. What happens if I do not raise all of the required money?
    Train to End Stroke has a date halfway through the season that is called recommitment.  At this time, participants evaluate their situation and see how they are doing with both the training and fundraising.  At recommitment, if a participant decides not to continue with the program they can back out at or before recommitment with no financial obligations.  Any amount that has been raised will go towards the American Stroke Association.  If a participant decides to continue on with the program, we ask that you sign a recommitment agreement and recommit to the program.  Once you recommit to the program and sign the recommitment agreement, it's at this time that you are obligated to raise the fundraising minimum since this is the time we begin to book your travel arrangements.

  5. How long do I have to raise the fundraising minimum?
    From the beginning of the program, you have 4 - 5 months until the fundraising deadline, which is 2 weeks prior to the marathon event.  At that time, if you are short of your fundraising minimum, we will ask you to make a self-donation to supplement the difference.  However, you will have an additional 30 days after the marathon event to continue raising money, which we will credit back to you.

  6. Is there any cost for me to participate in Train to End Stroke?
    There is no cost associated with the Train to End Stroke program provided that you meet your fundraising minimum.

  7. What is included in my package?
    The standard package for the program includes your flight, race transportation, hotel accommodations (based on sharing a room with another participant), a pasta party, a victory party and your race entry fee.  You are also provided with Train to End Stroke gear, coaching support and fundraising support.

  8. Who will I be training with?
    Most of the training will be done on your own, when it is convenient for you.  For those of you in the Boston area, every other weekend, we get together as a team and do the longest run / walk of those 2 weeks.  These group trainings allow you to meet new people, build camaraderie and also to motivate and make those long runs / walks a little easier.

    For those of you training "virtually" outside of the Boston area, you will be responsible for getting these runs / walks in on your own.  Please be sure to continually check in with your coach to make sure you are on track!

  9. What marathons are we participating in?
    The American Stroke Association is participating in the following marathon event this season:

    2013 Kona 1/2 Marathon - June 23, 2013
  10. Am I able to bring anyone with me to the marathon?
    There is enough room for each participant to bring guests to the marathon destination with them.  Their guest will receive the same rates that the American Stroke Association receives, which will be charged to them directly.  Guests are responsible for paying for their travel accommodations.