Lymphoma Research Ride

Event Day Volunteer Committees and Crews


Route Markers (5-6 Volunteers)

                Purpose:  Make sure the route is clearly marked and clear of debris. 


Commitment: Full day the day before event, and early morning day of the event.


Route Clean – Up (6 Volunteers)

            Purpose:   To take down any signage, collect any leftover equipment, make sure there is no garbage


Commitment:   About 2 hours after the conclusion of the event


Pit-Stop Volunteers:   (15 Volunteers)

Purpose:   To supervise the pit-stops where riders stop for a break for food, drink, toilet, medical attention and rest.  There most likely will be 5 pit-stops.


Commitment:   Full day starting early in the morning the day of the event, until the last rider is in, and then need to help break down pit-stop.


Communication Operators:  (10 Volunteers)

Purpose: To set up communication channels with all the different crews. One person stationed with camp, another person driving the route, and two rovers.


Ideally, ham radios preferred, but cell phones may be used. If ham operators, you need at least a 2 meter/VHF radio (dual band preferred) that has at least 25 watts output and a gain-type antenna. If stationed in a Tour vehicle, your radio must be easily transferred between vehicles.

Commitment: Volunteer hours begin at 4:30 a.m. until end of event, plus a few planning meetings before the event.


Event Set Up Crew     (12-14 Volunteers)

            Purpose:   To help set up the staging of various elements of the event


Commitment:   Depending on location, must be available the day before for set up, and then arrive early morning for set up


Registration Committee    (11 Volunteers)

            Purpose:   To assist with the registration process


  1. Distribute rider packets, rider numbers T-shirts and goodie bags to participants (4)
  2. Distribute bike tag for bike check-in (id)  2
  3. Information: Answer questions and direct to appropriate places (3)

Commitment:   Full day of event


Bike Mechanic Crew :  (6 Volunteers)

Purpose:   To provide bike assistance for riders prior to the event and during the ride.


Commitment:   Full day of event


Medical Volunteers: (14 Volunteers)

Purpose: The medical team consists of medical personnel who provide medical assistance at all officially-designated sites and on the route. Must be licensed or certified professionals for this position; certified medical professionals (EMTs, paramedics and nurses) who administer first aid.


Commitment:   One meeting prior to event, and then the full day at the event.


Route Safety Crew (20-30 Volunteers)

Purpose:   To monitor the route to make sure riders safe and stay on track, and to monitor and direct traffic for bikers.


  1. Patrol route to help with rider control. When needed, respond to emergencies and traffic situations. Motorcycle Marshals provide motorcycle escort support along the route to troubleshoot problems and ensure rider safety. Responsibilities may include starting the Tour, monitoring the flow of riders, assisting with traffic control, communicating with Tour officials via the command center, and handling minor incidents. Motorcycle Marshals must have a valid motorcycle driver’s license and proof of insurance covering the motorcycle to be ridden in the event. Like the bicycle riders, all Motorcycle Marshals are required to wear helmets and may only ride solo. CPR and first aid training is desirable, but not mandatory.
  2. Ride Marshals are cyclists who monitor route and give guidance on rider      safety, etiquette and emergencies. Responsibilities may include identifying and resolving safety               issues, answering rider questions, assisting with minor bike mechanical problems and directing traffic.

Commitment:   Training prior to event, and full day at event.


SAG Drivers: Drive Support and Gear (SAG) vans (5-7 Volunteers)

Purpose: To drive the route and make sure riders are safe, and pick up those who can’t continue.


Commitment: SAG drivers must be able to work full day starting early morning.  


Supply Truck and Van Drivers:   (7-10 Volunteers)

Purpose:    To get supplies to the pit-stops as needed.


                Moderate to heavy lifting may be required. Drivers with commercial licenses preferred.

Commitment: Very early morning



Purpose: Assist as needed (check sites, troubleshoot problems, etc.)