Even More Fundraising Ideas 

Here are more fundraising ideas to boost your team’s total and get your team into the Memory Walk spirit.  Choose an idea from this list or create ideas of your own.  The sky’s the limit! 


Forget-Me-Nots…the fundraising flower

This is the most popular Wrap Around for Memory Walk!  People pay a specific dollar amount (usually $1 to $5) to write their names or the names of loved ones on a paper cutout of a purple Forget-Me-Not flower, provided by the Alzheimer’s Association. This shows that they are standing by people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and/or are remembering someone they’ve lost to the disease.  Display Forget-Me-Nots in your lobby, cafeteria or whatever area needs brightened up.  Forget-Me-Nots are now available with a bar code for use in your cafeteria or at any local business that will participate.  


Services for a Day

Do you work in a service business?  Does someone you know?  Ask your beautician, your local grocer, your florist or your dry cleaner to donate  a percentage of his or her profits for one day toward the Alzheimer’s Association.  This would be a great promotion for the merchant – and a fabulous fundraiser for your team!


Guest Bartender

Do you have a favorite Bar & Grill that you frequent?  Does the bartender or waitress know you by name?  Then ask if you and your friends can be guest bartenders for an evening.  All tips will go toward your team’s total.  Cheers!


“Thanks for the Memories” Contest

Participants pay $5 to enter an office photo that brings back fun memories.  Employees vote on the best picture.  The winner should get a prize of your choice.  Be sure to thank everyone for the memories.


Cafeteria Donation

Negotiate with your cafeteria for them to donate a percentage of their sales for a day, a week, or whatever they will agree to. 

Memory Walk Jar

Decorate and display a Memory Walk Jar in a visible but secure location.  Ask employees to drop their loose change for a one- or two-month period.  It adds up! 


Pop Machine Fundraiser

Ask management to boost the price of pop by 10 cents for a one- or two-month period.  The additional proceeds go toward your team’s total.  


Dress Down for Memories

Employees pay a specified amount – usually $3 to $5 – for a Memory Walk Sticker, which entitles them to dress down on a designated day.  Try to coordinate at least one day per week, and sell new stickers each week.  Stickers are available at the Alzheimer’s Association. 


Bake Sale

Let people in the office show their culinary skills.  All proceeds go toward your team total.


Purple or Pay Day

Select a day at work where everyone has to wear purple in honor of the Alzheimer’s Association’s signature color.  Anyone with no sign of purple has to pay up!


Basketball Shoot-Out

Coordinate this at your kid’s school.  Let kids pay a buck a shot and have a great time!  Parents can get involved too.


Personalized Candy Bars

Go to a wholesale warehouse store and purchase boxes of candy bars (BJ’s, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc). Put your own wrapper on it as a signup for your team and sell them for $1.00 and recruit team members in a sweet manner as you raise money for your team.