Depending on your background and skills, relative to the population you are working with and their goals,
you are asking a different question of the work than someone else may be asking.
And if you are asking a different question, it is really important that you be willing to find your own answer.
- P.Smith, 2012

Some of the many fantastic people preparing to share their questions and answer their ‘Best Practices:'

Edmundo Jimenez (aka Mundo): http://nanapr.snappages.com/dr-edmundo-jimenez
Keynote speaker and Prescott College equine alumni, Mundo is the founder and principal of The Equus Center, the first center in Puerto Rico dedicated to offering programs assisted with horses. An inspiring speaker, he will be sharing insights regarding his mission of ‘restoring the welfare of our people with the help of the horse.’

Shannon Wilsiehttp://www.wilsiewayhorsemanship.com/
Guest clinician and author of Horse Speak, Shannon will be presenting on equine communication from the equines perspective. A quote from one of her sessions that she will be presenting: ‘ Most of us do not use breath as a communication tool. Horses, however, use breath as a communication tool all of the time!’ Shannon will explain the five basic breath messages and when and how to use them.’

Alison McCabe
Current student Alison McCabe has worked with teens and their families in a residential and academic setting for over five years, including four years with horses as partners. Her field of interest is working with families challenged by the effects of intergenerational trauma, addictions, and relational struggles that arise from questions around sexual orientation and gender identity.

Anja Pfeffer, MAP '16
Anja’s study of the Korean inner martial art WonHwaDo led her from Germany to South Korea and finally to the U.S. Anja will present how she combines inner martial arts with Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) to enhance positive self-esteem in adolescent girls.

Jayna Wekenman, MAP '11
Prescott College alumna Jayna pushes the equine-assisted industry to expand and learn; particularly in equine engagement, equine well-being, and collaboration. Her most recent projects involve: enrichment training for equine owners/managers, blending adventure and equine assisted industry, working equines in communities, and ongoing development of wild horse inmate programs.

Other Gathering Highlights:

Music and poetry at the campfire with Gail Steiger: Gail is a songwriter, filmmaker, and cowboy. He has been the foreman at Spider Ranch in Yavapai County, Ariz. since 1995.

Trail ride and dinner in Flagstaff
: Thursday afternoon, March 6, 2017.


          •Cost: $500 which includes the conference and meals. Register here.

           •For accommodations at Juniper Well Ranch Contact Margaret Shaw at (928) 442-3415 or contact@juniperwellranch.com

           •For more information contact Jayna Wekenman at jaynaw.jw@gmail.com.

           •For the complete gathering schedule go to the EQP moodle website.

Hope to see you there!