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Does everyone who wants to attend the Walk need to register?
YES - It is vital that we have an accurate count of people who are coming to our Walks to ensure that we have enough water, refreshments, restrooms, and other logistics planned for the event.  The only way to do this is through mandatory registration; plus, every registration fee goes towards the LFA's efforts in the fight against lupus!

Why do I have to pay a registration fee?
Other fundraiser events may let you register for free, but then require a minimum fundraising amount from each of their Walks in order to participate, get a T-shirt, etc.  We want everyone to participate, wear their Lupus Walk shirts with pride, and ultimately join together as one Texas Gulf Coast-wide team!  As an added bonus at the event only, each registered attendee gets an exclusive goodie bag full of surprises from our sponsors!

Are there any special discounts on the registration fee?
The only discount available for any of our Walk events is the $5-off "Early Bird Discount" that is active during the first couple of months after the Walk sites open for registration.

Is there a minimum amount that I have to fundraise?
NO - We would love for each registrant to be an active fundraise and spread the word to all their friends, family, and co-workers about why the fight against lupus is important to them.  If you would like to set a minimum, we suggest $300 or so; for more inspiration, just check out our Fundraising Ideas section featured on our Tips & Tools page!

I've participated before, but I can't remember my Username/!?
Not to worry!  Just contact, and we can send you a password re-set link.

Can I register over the phone or through the mail?
Absolutely!  Our office hours are weekdays from 10a-5p, or you can simply drop your completed registration brochure in the mail to our office address, Attn: [Your City] Walk to End Lupus Now.

Is there an age limit to participate?
For our Walk events, there is no age minimum OR maximum to participate.  For registration purposes, ages 13+ are considered adults, and those under age 5 can register for free.  For 5K Run age info, please see below.

What T-shirt sizes are available?
Our T-shirts are standard, pre-shrunk unisex cotton T-shirts, and will be available in these sizes:
         Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL(add $5)
         Child sizes: YS, YM, YL

Can I register multiple people in one transaction?
Sure!  On the Walk homepage, click the bright green REGISTER HERE button, then select the "Register Multiple People" option.  If you use this option, you can form a team, join a team, or just sign up as individuals.  Each person you register this way will have their own personal fundraising page and will collect donations independently.  If you register as part of a team, your individual totals will be added into the team total.

My family wants to fundraise together - is it possible to register my family together as one unit?
Yes!  On the Walk homepage, click the bright green REGISTER HERE button, then select the "Register Family" option.  You can still form a team, join an existing team, or just register unrelated to a team.  Your family will then share a personal fundraising page and work together to collect donations as a single unit.

Does online registration have a deadline?
Online registration for each Walk event ends at 5:00pm Central Time on the night before the event.

Can someone still register at the event?
Yes - keep in mind that there will be a $5 Late Registration charge for all on-site registrations, due to processing fees.

For Team Captains

Do I have to pay to start a team?
NO - however, you must register yourself in the same transaction that you start your team, so you must be prepared to pay your own registration fee at that time.  There is no additional cost (or discount) for starting a team.

Can my team use the LFA and/or the Walk to End Lupus NOW logo on our team shirts or on other team materials?
With restrictions, yes - please contact our office first if you are interested in including either of these logos on something produced for your own team (T-shirt, poster, donation cards, etc.).  We will then send you a special "Official Team" logo and usage guidelines that you are required to use by the National LFA Office.

Can I pick up the T-shirts for my entire team all at once?
We would love that!  We will email all Team Captains the week before your Walk event (or Houston pick-up dates) with further details.

For the Houston Walk, when is the deadline to win a Top 10 Team commemorative flag?
Friday, APRIL 13th at noon.  In order to have these special personalized flags printed, we have to end the contest two weeks prior to the event date.  Further reason to get that fundraising going EARLY!

My team members and I have questions about how to use our Walk HQ's...can you help?
Absolutely!  They can send us an email, or - as their Team Captain - collect several questions and email them to us all at once.  We rely on our awesome network of Captains to make sure everyone has the best Walk campaign possible, in every aspect of the please don't hesitate to keep in touch!

For Registered Walkers

Since I've registered, do I have to actually DO the Walk?
Not if you don't want to!  You are more than welcome to walk (or not walk) what is most comfortable and enjoyable for you on the day of the event.  Some participants will even stage a "virtual walk" from home, or plan their own personal honorary Walk if they live outside of Texas.  At the Houston Walk, we also feature a "Lupus Loop" that is approximately the distance around one city block.

When do I get my T-shirt?
For Houston: We will announce T-shirt pick-up dates/times/locations during the week prior to the Walk/5K.  Last-minute shirt pick-up will also be possible at the event, before the Run starts (arrive early!).

I've already registered as a Houston walker, but now I want to do the 5K Run...can I switch?
Sure thing!  You cannot switch registrations from your HQ, so just call our office - we can facilitate that for you, and you will need to pay the extra $5 to switch up to the Run.

For safety reasons, is anyone allowed to be "on wheels" during the Walk?
NO skates, rollerblades, skateboards, bikes, hoverboards, and anything with a motor is forbidden on our Walk routes.  See below for wheelchair and stroller guidelines.

Is the Walk wheelchair-accessible?
The majority of our routes are on public streets, sidewalks, or in parks - so anyone in a powered or pushed wheelchair should have no problem!

For Donors

Will I get a T-shirt if I donate to my friend, a team, or to the event?
NO - only registrants are eligible to receive our Walk T-shirts.

I don't like using my credit/debit card online - can I donate through the mail instead?
Mailed donations are happily accepted at our office address.  Please be sure to include the name of the participant and/or team that you would like for us to credit, as well as your e-mail address so we can issue you a prompt e-receipt for your donation.  For security reasons, please note that sending cash through the mail is always discouraged.

Is my donation tax-deductible?  Will I get a receipt?
Absolutely!  If you donate online, you will receive an automatic confirmation and receipt in your e-mail inbox that can be printed for your records.  If you donate through the mail or in person, please ensure that you provide us with an e-mail address for your e-receipt, or your mailing address if you would like your receipt mailed to you.

 Is there a deadline for donations?
Everyone has until July 31, 2018 to continue raising funds for our 2018 Texas Gulf Coast Walk campaign.  This does include all pledge donations, too.

How do I get my company to "match" my donation amount?
To double the impact of your own donation, many businesses and corporations will match charitable gifts made by their employees.  Contact your HR or Community Relations department to find out how!

 For Registered 5K Runners (Houston Only)

If I register as a runner but change my mind, can I still participate as a walker?
Absolutely!  We will still have your runner packet ready for you, but you are free to not run or not use your bib if you so choose.

Are the 5K runners on a separate course from the walkers?
No, the course is the same for everyone at our Houston event.  HOWEVER - the 5K Run begins 30 minutes before the walkers are allowed on the course to ensure that our runners have an accurate and unobstructed time for their race.

When and where is packet pick-up?
Packet pick-up for our 5K runners will be the same dates/times/locations as T-shirt pick-up, usually the Thursday through Saturday during the week before the Houston Walk, at Central Houston locations.  Specifics for this year will be announced in April.  Your packet will include your bib with timing chip, safety pins, course map, and event T-shirt.

Why is runner registration more expensive?
All 5K Run registrants are provided with a regulation bib and digital chip that is recorded by a professional race timing company at our Houston event.  The extra cost helps us to provide these timing services to all of our runners, no matter their experience level.

When will I know my finishing time?
Unofficial run times will be announced immediately at the event, and official times will be published the following week on the Houston Walk website.

When will the Top Runners be announced?  Are there prizes?
The Top Runners will be announced immediately after all runners finish the race.  We will have prizes for our Top Male & Top Female finishers, as well as age bracket categories (TBD).

Will there be bag-drop or gear check available?
There will be no bag-drop or gear check at our event.  Please plan accordingly.

Are running strollers allowed?
For safety reasons, we ask that you do not bring a running stroller if you are participating in our 5K Run (Strollers of all types are fine for Walk participants and/or spectators).

For Kids & Parents

I am trying to register my child, but am getting an error...what's going on?
For any Child Registration, the child's birth date must be included on the form.  If you forget to do so or if your child is 13+, the form will not go through (remember that 13+ must register as adults).  Still having issues?  Just contact us.

Why do I have to register my under-5 child, even though it's free?
As mentioned above, it is absolutely critical that we have an accurate count of event attendees when planning for food, facilities, and logistics for each of our Walk events.

Is there a minimum age requirement for the Houston 5K Run?
While there is no specific age minimum to run our 5K, we do request that any child under the age of 13 be supervised by at least one adult (who is also a registered runner) for the entire race course.

Can we walk with a stroller, buggy, wagon, etc.?
For Walk registrants, of course!  For 5K Run registrants, please see above.

For Pet Owners

Can I bring my dog to the event?
Yes, please!  All dogs are welcome at our Walks, as long as they are properly contained (on leashes, in carriers, etc.) for the safety of themselves and others.  And don't forget to bring the proper supplies for any "clean-ups" that may become necessary!

How big is the LuPAWS pet bandana?
Our Houston-exclusive pet bandanas are designed for a typical medium-to-large-sized dog.  They can possibly be folded down to smaller sizes for your more 'petite' pooches.

Is it mandatory that I register my dog for the Houston Walk?
No, LuPAWS registration is not mandatory, but who doesn't want a NEON GREEN lupus dog-kerchief?

At The Event

Where will we be walking, and how far is it?
Course maps will be posted on each Walk website once they are finalized.

Where do we park?
Parking information will be posted to each Walk website once logistics are finalized.

When we arrive at the Walk, where do we go?  Do we need to check in?
At the Houston Walk/5K, you do not need to check-in if you have already picked up your T-shirt and/or runner's packet.  If you haven't done so yet, you will need to report to the Packet Pick-Up Tent and/or T-Shirt Pick-Up Tent as soon as you arrive.

Will there be water and refreshments?
Of course!  We will have plenty of cold water and healthy breakfast offerings for our event participants.  Local businesses and restaurants who join us as Sponsors may also offer edibles and snacks at their event booths...TBD.

Will there be restroom facilities close by?
Yes, we always make sure that plenty of restrooms are both convenient and accessible.  Please note that for some events, these might include portable facilities.

Can my team bring food, a cooler, etc. for a team party there at the Walk site?
Sure, but please contact us if you plan to do so, since we need to make sure that we have plenty of space for everyone at our Walk sites.  Alcoholic beverages and items for sale are strictly prohibited.

What if there is inclement weather on the day of the event?
Rain or shine, we'll be walking!  If anything more severe than just showers is in the forecast, we will be sure to make announcements concerning safety and/or alternate plans.

 Don't see your question here?  Just contact our office at or call 713-529-0126 (Toll free: 800-458-7870).