What happens when you mix the
Warrior Challenge with the Amazing Race? 


This year, we've taken the Xtreme Warrior Challenge and cranked it up a notch with some fun Amazing Race twists thrown in!
Join us on Saturday, September 26!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is it? Saturday, September 26, 2015

  2. Where is it? Fanshawe Conservation Area and Fanshawe Pioneer Village, London

  3. What is it? It’s similar to our previous “Xtreme Warrior Challenge” with a twist! We’ve added some elements from TV’s “The Amazing Race”

  4. What are the times? Registration starts at 8:00AM, Race starts at 9:30AM, Race should end by noon for all involved

  5. What is the format? – All teams of 4 start at the same time, but may be sent to different parts of the course to begin (to prevent a backlog). Example: some teams sent to start with a Pond Swim; some sent to start at Pioneer Village, etc. All obstacles/challenges can be completed in any order (your team can decide to wait or move on if there is a backlog)

  6. How much does it cost? – $275 to register a team of 4 until July 31; $300 to register a team of 4 from August 1 – September 18

  7. How difficult is the course? – That depends on your level of physical fitness. You will be running at least 8k’s throughout the course, swimming a pond (two members of each team), flipping tractor tires etc.

  8. Why have you changed the rules to allow 14+? Are they doing an easier version of the course? We changed because of some requests from parents with athletic teens who would be up for the challenge. No – they will be doing exactly what everyone else is doing.

  9. What if I can’t swim? Only two members from each team will have to complete the swim across the pond. The others will have something else to do. ALL swimmers will wear a life jacket (no exceptions) and there will be lifeguards on duty. All of the other obstacles/challenges require full team participation.

  10. Will I get wet? If you do the pond swim, or take the role of “dunkee” in the dunk tank, you will get very wet. If you don’t you might end up with muddy legs, but the top part of you should stay dry. (If you are the one carrying the phone, you won’t want to be a swimmer)

  11. What if we get lost trying to find an obstacle? That’s ok – just keep looking – or ask someone for help!

  12. How do you win? Since everyone starts at the same time, and everyone needs to complete all obstacles/challenges, the first team back to the start/finish line with everything complete will win.

Here’s what we provide:

Here’s what you need to bring: