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Thanks to your contributions, we are supporting promising Parkinson's disease research programs, and conducting survey-based research that assists in better understanding the experiences of individuals with Parkinson's with and without deep brain stimulation.  In the past, many of you may have received our bi-annual publication as our way of keeping in touch with you about all the great things we are doing!  I am excited to announce that our Catalyst is now available in the form of this e-newsletter.  We look forward to using the Catalyst to fill you in about our fundraising events, send you updates on research that we are funding, and to let you know about happenings in the Parkinson's community.

Can't thank you enough for your support! 

Margaret Tuchman, President

Results From DBS Patient Survey on Autonomic Dysfunction Has Been Announced

Through our survey-based research on, we released a report on a survey we performed on autonomic dysfunction in Parkinson's disease with and without deep brain stimulation.  We also provide takeaways and general implications that can be used daily by Parkinson's patients and their caregivers.

Read report on Autonomic Dysfunction in Parkinson's

20th Parkinson's Unity Walk Raises More Than $1.6 Million in Donations for Research

Over 11,000 people came together on Saturday, April 26th in New York’s Central Park in support of the 2014 Parkinson’s Unity Walk.  Through collective efforts, more than $1.6 million in donations were raised; 100% of which will fund research by seven leading Parkinson’s foundations -- including The Parkinson Alliance.

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15th Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance Raised Over $105,000

Our 5K and Fun Run raised over $105,000—net proceeds will go to Parkinson’s disease research.  The event was held on Saturday, September 27, 2014, in Princeton’s Carnegie Center and brought together over 900 registered runners and the Central Jersey community to raise funds and awareness to support Parkinson’s research.

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The Parkinson Alliance is Funding Research Studies on Freezing of Gait

Freezing of gait is a common symptom of Parkinson's and we are funding (1) a study that is trying to create a reliable device that can help decrease freezing via visual cues.  And (2) a study that will investigate two brain areas that are not functioning in concert in PD and their dysfunction may lead to freezing of gait.  The goal of the study is  to develop a “smart” DBS system which will monitor these two areas of the brain and deliver the pulses necessary to address freezing episodes in real time. 

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Updates Received From Grants We Awarded in 2013 

Updates are now available on grants we funded in 2013.  Topics we funded involved speech and treatment provided to Parkinson's patients using a comprehensive and structured rehabilitative program. We also supported the Parkinson's Outcomes Project Clinical Dashboard, which aims to develop a feed-forward data system that will enable patients to understand their status and clinicians to focus care on issues most important to their patients.

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Team Parkinson Completed Two Marathons for Parkinson's Research

Team Parkinson members participated in this year's ASICS LA Marathon as well as The San Francisco Marathon, to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's research on our organization's behalf.  Both campaigns combined raised over $157,000 and proceeds will go to research!  Learn more about their marathon weekends and successful race days.   

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