The Freedom Education Fund's number one goal is to raise enough money to establish a scholarship for students who are undocumented to attend Prescott College!

Beyond that, this project is a platform to organize around educational equity and the libratory potential of education. In creating this scholarship, we are intervening in a social injustice while also building power and infrastructure for social change.

"Started as a senior project, this is now a collaboration between students organizers, Prescott College, the Social Justice Human Rights Masters Program, and community partners."

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What is the Freedom Education Fund?

The Freedom Education Fund is an endowed scholarship for undocumented students at Prescott College. Being an endowment means the fund is permanent and the scholarship money is taken from the annual interest accumulated. Our goal is to raise $25,000, which will produce a scholarship of $1,250 every year! This makes the Freedom Education Fund unique because it is a permanent, sustainable fund that will continue to produce scholarship money long after it has been established; therefore a gift to the fund would have a long-term impact.

What impact can my gift have, right now?

After working closely with the advancement office for months, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept this scholarship as an endowment, once the funds are raised!

Students who are undocumented face many barriers to receiving a higher education, as they are denied access to federal funds and in most states forced to pay non-resident tuition despite having lived in that state for many years. There are thousands of undocumented students graduating from high school and community college every year, ready to pursue a BA. In establishing this scholarship, Prescott College is joining the only 45 other universities in the U.S. that offer specific scholarships for students who are undocumented. In Arizona, both the state and public schools have been especially unsupportive of undocumented students living here. Thus, Prescott College is uniquely positioned to join a national movement while also being a leader in the state.

Last year Prescott College opened up need-based aid to students who are undocumented but nobody has made use of this aid yet because realistically it is not enough. This is a historic moment, and further reason why a gift in this moment will have even greater of an impact.

Prescott College prepares students to be leaders in changing the world in positive ways. This scholarship will make that opportunity possible for more students with that same inspiration. Together we can build something that will last. The Freedom Education Fund will not only provide money but also set the foundation for future development of full-ride fellowships and more!

Who will be the recipient(s) of this scholarship?

The awardee(s) is or will be a full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate student at Prescott College who is undocumented (as defined herein) and demonstrates financial need. For the purposes of the Fund, an applicant is considered undocumented if they are not a legal permanent resident and do not possess a green card, visa, or other legal documentation. Undocumented status also includes (i) individuals who have been granted conditional resident status or a deferred removal action under federal law and (ii) individuals that were born outside of the United States but have lived in this country for a significant portion of their lives.

If there are multiple applicants who qualify for the scholarship, the applicants demonstrating the most financial need will be selected. Within that, preference will be given to awardees pursuing social or environmental justice through their degree or activism work. Each scholarship will be given for a single academic year but may be re-awarded to the same awardee for successive years following annual reapplication.

In the event that a student who meets the above preference criteria cannot be identified, the scholarship must be awarded to one or more awardees who demonstrate a financial need and (i) have one or more family members with an undocumented status or (ii) are Arizona residents who have been historically marginalized, either deprived of citizenship or land. If there is no student who meets one of the above-listed criteria, the scholarship will not be awarded for the academic year and will roll over for the following academic year.

How can I get involved?

Today I am asking you to join me in building opportunity by making a (tax-deductible) gift to the Freedom Education Fund and investing in positive change, one student at a time!

No gift is too modest. Thank you for your consideration!

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Checks can be made out to:
Prescott College Advancement Office

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 Freedom Education Fund (FEF)

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