“Many Americans think that HIV/AIDS is a thing of the past or that other problems deserve more attention. But make no mistake: The AIDS epidemic in America is raging.”

– Scott Campbell, Executive Director, Elton John AIDS Foundation


These powerful words open an Opinion article in the June 2014 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. In the piece, Mr. Campbell urges all of us to a new sense of urgency and renewed commitment to change the way we support those who are already marginalized by our society and are most likely to contract HIV – African Americans, transgender individuals, gay men and incarcerated men and women.


As annual infection rates have stabilized, The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis and its program, the Indiana AIDS Fund, has increased its focus on linking these marginalized populations in Indiana to HIV testing and, if found HIV-positive, to more comprehensive care coordination.Learn more about our HIV Funding Priorities here.


Click here to link to the Chronicle of Philanthropy website to read the full article, “To Conquer AIDS, Philanthropy Must Fight the Injustice It Thrives On”.