St. Francis College Class Agent Program
The Class Agent Program is led by a growing group of dedicated alumni volunteers who take the time to reach out to their classmates on behalf of the College. In addition to assisting the College with its fundraising efforts, Class Agents also help keep their peers informed of SFC events and activities.

Class of 1951
Dr. Joseph Frey

Class of 1954
Joseph A. Lategano 

Class of 1958
Gerald A. Curtin 
Joseph A. Nunziata 

Class of 1960
Thomas J. Duffy

Class of 1963
William P. Casey 
Charles H. Harris 
Thomas P. Napier 
Charles L. Novak
Bro. Jeremy Sztabnik 

Class of 1964
Robert de Zorzi
Edward J. Hart
James F. O’Dea
Donald A. Lomangino
Charles Measter
John O’Boyle
John P. Smircich

Class of 1965
John P. McCadden
Edwin R. Westley

Class of 1966
Jack A. Crispi
James D. Eagan
Edward J. Jaworski
Thomas M. Laquercia, Esq.
John J. Lawless
Richard D. Young

Class of 1967
John C. Donahue
Michael T. Sullivan, Esq.

Class of 1968
Richard J. Collins
Franey M. Donovan, Jr. 

Class of 1971
Stephen P. Chiarini

Class of 1972
Robert L. Smith 

Class of 1973
Mark C. Clark
Matthew J. Krsulich
Humbert F. Miglino 

Class of 1974
Frank A. Calvosa

Class of 1976
Dr. Patricia K. Agatisa
Joseph C. Caldarella
Robert J. Genalo, CFP

Class of 1978
Mary Anne P. Killeen 

Class of 1981
Ingrid M. Flamme

Class of 1982
Kevin M. Maroney 

Class of 1983
Brian Cosgrove
Christopher Mangan 

Class of 1985
Michael Maher

Class of 1986
Col. Edward Daily, Jr.
Michael T. Long
Robert Mazzella
Robert Vito

Class of 1992
Danielle K. Rouchon

Class of 1997
Erez Schochat, Ph.D. 

Class of 1998
Nyieta L. Charlot

Class of 1999
Matthew B. Doyle

Class of 2000
Vanessa O. De Almeida

Class of 2001
Patrick J. Dugan
Matthew C. Hogan
Jhosan G. Hyland
Olga M. Macolino

Class of 2004

Ruben N. Gonzalez
Robert A. Oliva

Class of 2005
Aydee O. Adames-Polanco
Sean M. Miller
Danny A. Plaza

Class of 2007
Tara M. Flood 

Class of 2008
Josephine B. Leone
Class of 2009
Sonia Gutkin
Laura R. Mulcahey
Jamaal G. Womack 

Class of 2010
Dimitar P. Georgiev
Robert J. Gildersleeve

Class of 2011
Kevin T. Conlon

If you are interested in becoming a Class Agent, please contact us at:
Office of Development & Alumni Relations
St. Francis College
180 Remsen Street
Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 489-5361