March 2013 Updates
Walk Day is 1.5 months away: April 27, 2013

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       We Walk for Mo

See how Team Captain, Nancy, raised an army to support her husband, Maurice. This team represents so much more than just a group. They’ve come together for Maurice; who no longer sits and struggles quietly. This team pushes on, gets bigger every year, and they can’t wait for the upcoming Walk. Read more.

Team Tutu Train Designs and Sells Crafts

Sue’s tremor seems to disappear when she crafts! She designs and hand makes a variety of goods including handbags, jewelry, and a line of children’s clothing caked “Paniolo Kidz.” On behalf of herself and her two daughters who all have Parkinson’s disease … combined with a can-do attitude … she has turned crafting into her team’s fundraiser. Read more.

Event News

May May Ali’s inviting you to punch out Parkinson’s. View video.
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Your Dollars at Work

A hallmark of Parkinson’s is the clumping together of a-synuclein (a-Syn) in certain cells of the brain. Although scientists don’t know exactly how or why a-Syn forms clumps, abnormally shaped forms of the protein may be to blame. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation is using its 2012 distribution to develop a test to detect different forms of the pathologic protein a-Syn. Being able to do so may help scientists better understand how a-Syn forms clumps, as well as aid in diagnosis and the search for more effective therapies. Read more.

News in the Parkinson's Community

$14.4 Billion Economic Burden of Parkinson's Disease Takes Toll on Families.  Read more.

Finding Your Empowerment, A Soft Voice in a Noisy World, By Karl Robb.  Read blog entry.

Medtronic’s Brain Device Improves Early-Stage Parkinson’s. Read more.

Teva Begins Phase IV Clinical Trial of Azilect for Treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Patient.  Read more.

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