February 2013 Updates
Walk Day is 2 months away: April 27, 2013

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Team Debbie’s Darlings

Post-diagnosis, Team Captain, Debbie conquers fear by taking a proactive approach; maintains an active lifestyle and participates in Parkinson’s community activities.  She reminds us that it’s not a journey we chose to make, that the struggle is not a solitary one, and that we walk for the hope that one day in the near future, Parkinson’s can be a memory. Read more.



Team Nashville enlisted their local “village” and hosted a successful triple-play fundraiser … a concert, dinner, and silent-auction!  British-born singer-songwriter, Callaghan, performed at an event at the Maloney residence.  Read more.

Team One T @ a Time has created a t-shirt that reads on the front, As One, We Heal— and on the back, the Walk’s logo. The message behind the shirt and their team spirit is that with community, strength, faith, and education … we can heal.  One T @ a Time will be selling their shirts to raise funds for the Walk/research.  Read more.

Your Dollars at Work

The American Parkinson Disease Association is trying to define the bidirectional interactions between the key PD-related protein, alpha-synuclein; and cellular ‘power plants,’ mitochondria, in causing neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease.  Both mitochondrial impairment and alterations in alpha-synuclein may cause Parkinson’s, and the work proposed will not only help to define the relationship between these pathogenic processes, it will also determine whether it is a viable therapeutic target. Read more.

Event News

We are walking for more than just a cure.  View video. 

NEW fundraising tools!  View tools.

There's a free mobile app!  And it's available from Google Play and the App Store.  Read more.

New hotels have been added.  Read more.

Walking?  RSVP here.

News in the Parkinson's Community

Congratulations to David Leventhal and Olie Westheimer, co-recipients of the 2013 Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award, in recognition of their work on Dance for PD®.  Read more.  

The PAN Forum is just around the corner!  Do you want to increase awareness of Parkinson’s and learn to advocate for better treatments and a cure?  Join this three-day conference held in Washington, D.C., bringing together Parkinson’s advocates from across the nation.  Attendees gather to learn the latest in public policy and research in Parkinson’s disease.  Read more.    

Planning your own event?  There are other community events that are happening!  View calendar.



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