After Hurricane Isaac, a little piglet and a special dog receive help

News after the storm

RedRover Responders volunteer Howard and a deeply relaxed Isaac, the little piglet formerly known as Honey.
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Days after five RedRover Responders volunteers traveled to Alexandria, Louisiana, to provide emergency sheltering for animal victims of Hurricane Isaac, a team of two volunteers deployed to Rescue Ranch in Belle Chasse to help care for horses, miniature donkeys and ponies who were rescued from the flooding.
A two-month-old piglet was found alone on a levee surrounded by Hurricane Isaac's floodwater. "Honey" was brought back to Rescue Ranch, where RedRover Responders volunteer Howard Edelstein took an immediate liking to the "cute little guy." Howard arranged for Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary to take Honey in – and drove 18 hours and over 1,000 miles to transport the precious pig to his permanent home. Read more about Honey and our time at Rescue Ranch on our blog.
Another victim of the storm, a special dog named JJ, is undergoing extensive care after suffering serious burn wounds. Coping with power outages and out of her normal routine, JJ’s caregiver, Vivian was pouring hot water into the bathtub so she could wash the dishes. JJ mistakenly thought it was bath time and jumped into the scalding water. Vivian responded as quickly as she could to recover the little dog and immediately rushed him to the animal hospital.
Watch this video update of JJ at the veterinarian's office.
Once there, Vivian learned that treatment would cost thousands of dollars. She had adopted JJ after her husband passed away and was determined to give her dear companion the care he needed. But the cost was far more than she could afford as a single mom working two jobs to make ends meet – especially following Hurricane Isaac. Not knowing if she could afford JJ’s care, Vivian applied for a RedRover Relief grant. Thanks to help from RedRover and a very compassionate veterinary team, JJ’s care is underway – but he still has a long road ahead of him.
JJ's story is a reminder that during emergency situations, when routines are disrupted and stress levels are high, animal safety is especially important. Visit our website for safety tips to prevent your pets from suffering illness, injury or excessive stress during an emergency.
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