Jump/Hoops Mobile Application

Five Steps to using the Jump/Hoops mobile application:

  1. Add the application
  2. Enter your credentials
  3. Select your message and receivers 
  4. Send or Post your message 
  5. Celebrate as donations come in!

Load Application


Once downloaded, select the Jump/Hoops mobile application within your mobile apps.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)


Once downloaded, select the Jump/Hoops mobile application within your mobile apps.

Getting Started in the Mobile Application

Enter your username and password that you received during your online registration and click Load Event.

Select Your Message and Receivers

1. Select what you want to do. i.e. Request a Donation, Send Reminders, Give Now (a "Thank you" action will appear once you start receiving donations).

  • There are suggested Email, Text, Facebook, Twitter messages loaded for each message purpose. 
  • You can personalize your message by editing the text within the suggested message.
  • Each message will include a link directly back to your personal donation page, where your friends and family can give a secure, online donation.  
  • The Jump/Hoops app integrates with your phone's twitter, facebook, email and text applications to send outbound messages so it comes directly from you. 
  • For text and emails, select your receivers which will be ability through your phone's address book.
  • Once you receive donations, you will have the option to Thank your donations.  You can do this by text, email, or Facetime. 

 Send/Post Your Message

  1. When you message is ready, click Send for Email and Text Messages or Post for Facebook and Twitter messages. Your message will be sent instantly.

Celebrate as donations come in! $$

Don't forget to thank those that have given to you. Also, remember to send reminder donation requests for those that haven't given yet.

 *Your cellular service provider's text messaging and data fees will apply.