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Match of the Month: Carl Scharenberg & Asa

Written by:  Matthew Rodenberg

Everyone has a comfort zone, but it's the things that push you outside that comfort zone that are often the most rewarding. That's exactly how Carl Scharenberg felt when he enrolled as a Big in the Big Brother Big Sisters program, "I was worried; it was definitely going outside my easy comfort area," Carl said. "But I thought it would be a good chance to do fun things while helping a kid."  Carl was matched with 12 year old Little Brother Asa in 2011 and the two have never looked back.

About five months into their Match, Asa joined Boy Scouts.  Carl had been an Eagle Scout when he was younger so the two of them have connected over a common interest.  Many of the Boy Scouts bring their father's along with them.  Asa brings Carl.  They've been on camping trips with Asa's troop and just recently got back from Boy Scout camp where Carl spent two days with Asa.  Carl and Asa work hard and enjoy sharing time together camping, learning about electricity and first aid and doing other Scout related activities.  Asa excels at Boy Scouts, setting new records for advancement and earning new badges all with Carl by his side, celebrating his accomplishments and helping him along the way.  Asa loves his involvement with Boy Scouts, "one day I want to be an Eagle Scout I want Carl to be an Assistant Scout Master of Troop 61," Asa said. 

Although Boy Scouts is a big part of Carl and Asa's match it's not the only thing they do together.  The two enjoy going to sporting events, playing video games, watching movies, working on school projects, and building things. Carl has recently enlisted Asa to assist him in demolishing an old workbench. He's showing Asa how to use the power tools the proper way and they like spending time together working on something new and different.

One of their most memorable events was when they went to a Royals game and they were able to go onto the field, sit in the dugout, and meet the umpires that were working the game. "We felt like minor royalty, and had a great, great time," Carl said, "It's something we still talk about."

Carl and Asa's friendship is one that continues to grow but in their short time together Carl has seen a difference in his Little Brother, "He is becoming more thoughtful and has more long term goals." Asa's mother Nicole has noticed it too, "Carl is giving Asa the guidance, support and encouragement he needs to be successful in life," said Nicole. "He's actively involved in Asa's life, genuinely cares about him, and helps me in times of need. Carl will always be a special part of our family."

This life-changing friendship would have never happened if Carl would haven't made that first step outside of his comfort zone.  Congratulations Carl & Asa for being our this month's Match of Month.

If you have a great story that you think should be shared, contact Kristi Hutchison at kristi@bbbskc.org.