Surf Dog Hall Of Fame

Surf Dog Hall of Fame 2012 Honoree: TBA

Last year at the 6th annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, we honored one of our top and most loyal surfers, Buddy, with the first-ever spot in the Surf Dog Hall Of Fame!


Buddy, the Jack Russell Terrier, has been a long-standing champion at every Surf Dog event. Buddy placed first in the first four events and took second place last year. At just 13 years young, this furry competitor has been surfing for more than 10 years and has experienced so many opportunities in the surfing world. Buddy decided to start surfing at the same time as his owner Bruce's 2 year old son. He jumped onto the young boy's boogie board and there was no turning back! His love for surfing grew as he evolved from a boogie board to a 5'6" Doyle softboard.  From there, Buddy appeared on the front page of The Los Angeles Times, California Section (pictured below).


It was at this time that Buddy's surfing fame launched. He has been seen on Animal Planet, Pet Star, ESPN, CNN, NBC, CBS Morning Show, and of course, Steve Jobs launch of the I-Pad where Buddy's video "Wet and Woofy" was the featured video. On top of that, Buddy's picture has been published in Sport Illustrated, People, In Touch, Ventura Star and many more.


Buddy is a great surfer, but an even more incredible friend to his loving family. The key to his success is his family bond. His favorite activity is going on daily beach walks with his 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mate, Lola.


Congratulations Buddy!